Republican Dave Miller to challenge Jim Frazier for State Assembly

Dave Miller

Dave Miller

Fairfield, CA – Former Solano County Republican 2nd Vice Chairman Dave Miller, announced, Friday, that he will be running for the position of State Assemblyman to represent the 11th District to replace incumbent Jim Frazier (D – Oakley). Miller has a good knowledge of the district, having lived in Discovery Bay as well as Fairfield for the last five years. His wife, Amy is Director of Advanced Practice Services at NorthBay Hospital in Fairfield.

Miller retired from a 28-year career in social services finance and fraud investigation. In addition to working in New York political circles, Dave was active on the campaigns of former Governor and 2016 presidential candidate George Pataki, for the 12 years he was Governor of New York State.

Since moving to California in 2011, he has started, with the help of his associates, a nationwide premier political consulting and strategy firm, with clients in California, Wisconsin, Tennessee, New York and Nevada. He also served as California Field Coordinator to Governor Jon Huntsman’s 2012 presidential campaign and Chief of Staff to USAF Col. Rick Tubbs’ congressional campaign in Contra Costa and Solano Counties.

We are 465 days out, and 465 days from releasing ourselves from the tax and spend policies of Jim Frazier and his associates in Sacramento,” Miller said. “The policies Jim Frazier believes in, like introducing a constitutional amendment to raise property taxes on both homeowners and businesses, overriding Proposition 13, a ballot initiative overwhelmingly passed by California voters, signifies that the time for super majorities in Sacramento must end, and it’s time to return a more compassionate and conservative form of government to the people.”

Speaking of ballot initiatives, in less than three years in office, Jim Frazier has voted to increase the fees to file such ballot initiatives from a simple $200 and to a staggering $8,000,” he added. “That’s a 3,900% increase, and a sure fire way to limit, if not freeze altogether, public debate and comment on issues pertinent to all Californians.”

It recently learned that the I-10 bridge on the California/Arizona border had collapsed,” Miller stated. “You’re probably wondering: how does a bridge collapse hundreds of miles away have anything to do with the 11th Assembly District? Because Jim Frazier is Chairman of the Assembly Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. It’s his job to provide legislative oversight of Cal Trans. Last year, Cal Trans inspected the same bridge mentioned earlier, and according to the report, they gave it a 95% safety score.”

Looking deeper, in the 800+ page report, I discovered there are nearly 400 bridges and overpasses in the 11th Assembly District alone, that had worse safety scores than the I-10 bridge which collapsed,” Miller continued. “Mr. Frazier cited ‘deferred maintenance’ as the cause for the bridge collapse, but if it scored 95% on its last safety inspection, one year ago, and Cal Trans stated in its report, it required no maintenance at all, how could you now claim it required ‘deferred maintenance’?”

Just knowing that Assemblyman Frazier seems to have forgotten how important bridges and overpasses are key to our very way of life here in the Bay Area, (and all across California) is of great concern to me, not only as a Candidate, but as a Taxpayer as well,” he added. “It’s just proof that he and his Democratic associates in Sacramento are completely happy with the status quo.”

Miller offered his campaign platform

If elected I will push for big bold reforms in Sacramento that effect you every day. I will:

Cut my own personal salary and give that back money to hard working high school graduates in our district who excel in Math and Science. My only caveat: that they seek work upon graduation in the State of California I want to help your kids be successful – in California, and keep them here for generations to come. I will dole it out in the form of a scholarship program, to help offset college costs.

I will propose the first Electronic Legislature in the nation. Should drastically help California see relief in legislature costs, such as per diems, staff payroll, and greatly cripple the influence of special interests prior to a crucial vote.

Propose the California Sacred Trust Act. This amendment would greatly restore public confidence in how government operates in the future. Let’s remember we are one of the largest states in the “United States of America,” not the “Divided States of America” let’s set the standard.

Propose sweeping massive regulatory reform, including tangible prison reforms.

Get serious about our Water Crisis, but not with the current proposals being thrown around today, but with Desalination Plants up and down the coast, with the water storage to protect it.

Opposition to High Speed Rail. I’ve seen firsthand, grandiose, wide-eyed, government-funded transportation projects that looked great on paper, but crash and burn inside two years’ time. See Rochester Business and search “Flawed Business Plan sank Fast Ferry.”

Improving the Business Climate in California. We were once the world’s 5th largest economy, we’ve dropped to 12th. It all goes back to the Regulations this Government feels the need to lump on your everyday life. The good news is: “we can’t get any worse!” We are 50th in the Nation in Economic Growth, and states to succeed in business.

Propose a Guest Worker ID program. If it can be done in Kuwait, a country of 8 million people, which has 20 million Saudis working in their nation’s oil fields, it can be done here in California. Use an E-Verify system to sort out the law-abiding illegal immigrants from the ones who feel the need to survive by committing violent crimes, who harm or kill American citizens. Give these law abiding illegals the opportunity for citizenship.

Phased in Voter ID Program. Program phased in over four-year period. As a social service provider, I’ve seen what not having a photo ID can do for a person, it can keep them from doing simple things we take for granted like cashing a check or getting documents notarized. If, after four years, you haven’t applied, you must get a DMV license to conduct business.

Study the possibility of a Trimester School System, and its effects on hard working families.

Implement a two year vehicle registration cycle on all vehicles registered at DMV. Study the effects of how that impacts the work flow at the agency.”

With the advent of an electronic legislature on the horizon, I, along with all my colleagues, can be in their Assembly and Senate District offices and more responsive to the needs of its citizens more,” Miller said. “As a former social services provider, who used to see as many as 200 clients a day, that is what I look most forward too – working with my constituency, as should every elected official.”

These are just some of the sweeping changes I plan to make when elected to become your next Assemblyman. I know I can do a better job, because I have nearly 28 years of government service backing me up. I look forward to meeting as many folks as I can in the months ahead, as well as re-engaging with some old friends from East Bay,” he added. “And folks…..that’s how I roll.”

The 11th Assembly District includes Antioch. Frazier was first elected to the position in 2012.

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  1. Charlie Peters says:

    * Do you want $2 Gasoline at the pump?

    * Do you want clean air and water?

    Ethanol waiver and elimination of E-85 flex fuel credit can cut our ozone & CO2 transportation pollution.

    Let’s improve performance of CA Climate change law AB 32 (Pavley) in 2015 for future generations

  2. jfc says:

    Desalination Plants up and down the coast?

    And this is the guy cornering the market on “common sense”?

    Empty suit.

  3. Chris says:

    I was part of a Facebook conversation with Dave Miller that was regarding rape. I’ll be sharing that conversation with anyone and everyone here where I live as well as in California. Dave draws comparisons between adultery and rape. They are vastly different, and anyone who thinks they are anywhere near the same is sick and should be watched. He seems to think rape is a problem for the victim more than the offender. I’ll be spreading the message of your thoughts on this matter Dave. You can block me on Facebook, but this is real life and it won’t be left alone.

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