New Antioch Smart & Final Extra! store already giving back to the community

Friday, July 3 is the busiest day of the year for Smart & Final. Last year, the company sold 621% more private label hamburger patties, 470% more hot dog buns and 300% more red cups on that day alone.

Smart & Final has affectionately coined the days leading up to the summer holiday weekend as “Engagement Days,” which were all-hands-on-deck, this year with more associates and company executives from all levels chipping in to handle the crowd rush. Even Smart & Final CEO, Dave Hirz—a former bag boy himself— took part in the fun by stocking shelves, ringing up customers, and even gathering all the carts in the parking lot.

On Thursday, July 2, as a way to show appreciation for customers and commitment to their communities, Smart & Final partnered with Feeding America, this year to package and donate food and everyday staples for families in need. Their Antioch store, just opened in May, provided packages for100 families in the Antioch community.

Smart & Final is a value-oriented food and everyday staples retailer for household and business customers. Smart & Final Extra!, one of the company’s newest store concepts, is designed to enhance the household consumer’s shopping experience and also includes changes to benefit business customers. The Extra! Stores are much larger and carry a greatly expanded selection of products in key categories like produce, fresh meat, frozen foods, dairy, deli and grocery basics like cereal, yogurt, bread and snacks. In addition, they have everything that small businesses, clubs and organizations need on a daily basis.

The Antioch Smart & Final Extra! store and is located at 2638 Somersville Road on the outside of the Somersville Towne Center.

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  1. Julio says:

    I’m sorry but I do not see Smart and Final as an asset to this community. I am even willing to bet you how long it will last. It didn’t last maybe a year in Brentwood and will have a similar fate in this location. Their grocery prices are high. Water is about 2/$7 in the past week and Safeway had it $1.99 for 24. That makes me drive all the way across town to hit Safeway. And I hate Safeway.

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