Antioch’s Jason Agopian to represent the U.S. on volleyball team at the World University Games in South Korea, in July

Jason Agopian goes up for a spike in a game against UCLA in April, 2015.

Jason Agopian goes up for a spike in a game against UCLA in April, 2015. photo courtesy of Jason Agopian.

By Allen Paytons

Collegiate volleyball player, Jason Agopian, of Antioch is heading to South Korea on Sunday to play on the U.S. men’s volleyball team during the World University Games in July. He is one of 12 players selected from across the country. He and two of his teammates of U.C. Irvine are on the team.

There are three levels of teams that represent that United States at sporting competitions, Agopian explained.

There’s the U.S. Olympic national team,” he said. “Those are the top dogs. The Panamerican Games team. Those guys are the number two. And then there’s the World University Games team, the next level down.”

The international competition includes a Winter Games, Summer Games and World Championships. This year’s Summer Games will be held in Gwangju, South Korea, and includes collegiate athletes on various teams, chosen from around the country. It will last from July 2 -11.

It’s pretty cool,” Agopian shared. “There’s an opening ceremony. It looks very much like the Olympics.”

Contacted in May, Agopian “was asked to play for this team to represent the USA at the World University Games made up of collegiate athletes from across the country,” he added.

For those who want to watch him and the USA team play, the games will be broadcast on ESPNU and ESPN3.

In addition being part of the U.S. men’s volleyball team for the World University Games, Agopian was also selected Second Team All American by Volleyball Magazine, this year, in which he was a red shirt junior. He’ll play one more year, as a senior.

In addition, he was selected First Team for the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation, of which UCI Men’s Volleyball team is a member.

Agopian was also part of UCI’s 2013 Men’s Volleyball team that won the National Championship.

A 2011 graduate of Deer Valley High School where he also played on the volleyball team, the 6-foot, 7-inch tall Agopian is majoring in Psychology and Social Behavior. But he said he’s considering a career in physical therapy, which will require additional education.

There are 12 players on the team heading to the games. Agopian plays middle blocker. When he rotates to the back row, a player called the libero, who has a different colored jersey, comes in off the sidelines and takes Agopian’s place. Then when the libero rotates to the front, Agopian returns and takes the libero’s place.

He leaves for Southern California, on Saturday, where he and the rest of the team will meet up for the first time and practice. They will then fly to South Korea on Sunday night.

But, before he leaves on Sunday, Agopian will be the subject of a photo shoot to become the face of UCI Sports for the upcoming school year. His photo will show up in marketing for the school, mainly on campus and possibly on buses.

Agopian is the son of Robin and the late Antioch City Councilman Gary Agopian.

For more information on the World University Summer Games, To learn more about UC Irvine Men’s Volleyball, visit

Good luck to Jason and the USA Men’s Volleyball Team!

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Jason Agopian goes up for a spike in a game against UCLA in April, 2015

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