Writer asks Is anyone paying attention?

Dear Editor:

Have you noticed anything lately?

“Believe we’re gliding down the highway

When in fact we’re slip slidin’ away

Slip slidin’ away

Slip slidin’ away

You know the nearer your destination

The more you’re slip slidin’ away…”

Paul Simon, Slip Slidin’ Away lyrics

courtesy of WND.com

courtesy of WND.com

It has been the progressive spirit of the age wearing down the true masculine and feminine roles in family and society. But no one seems to care. We’re all just “slip slidin’ away.”

Today, decades of progressivism has paved the way for breakneck speeds down the slippery slopes of immorality and relativism (relativism: the doctrine that knowledge, truth, and morality exist in relation to culture, society, or historical context, and are not absolute). Politics are so filled with lies and compromise that true Statesmen, whether black, white or Hispanic are assassinated by innuendos and miss-characterizations and boldface lies.

The foundation of civilization, which is the family unit, has been dismantled, reinvented and co-opted (co-opt: to divert to or use in a role different from the usual or original one) that marriage to anything or anyone will constitute a legitimate family. The word love has lost its meaning and significance, and Christianity is just as guilty with the abuse of the word “love” and its true and authentic meaning.

God has been relegated (relegated: consign or dismiss to an inferior rank or position), to the single attribute of love. God, has been singularly redefined or overly stated as “love,” which diminishes his Holiness, his Justice, his Righteousness and Wrath.

If God is singularly loving, then there is no need for a Savior and there is no difference between sin and holiness. For why would you need to be saved from a loving God? Christ became our substitute sacrifice, thus taking upon himself all of God’s wrath. Therefore, without belief and obedience in Christ, people remain under the wrath of God. True compassion is to warn people about God’s wrath and not to cheapen God’s holiness, and justice by offering God’s love apart from Christ’s sacrifice!

Mainstream Christianity has been infiltrated with the progressive spirit of the age. We have forgotten Jesus’ warning about the leaven of the Pharisee and especially the leaven of Herod. Both the religious and political spirits of our time has seized control and influence of many pulpits, church boards and Christian colleges.

Our families, marriages, children, police forces, law and order; our educational systems, transportation, freedom of speech and the right to self-protection are under tremendous stress and attack. Even the bees are under attack!

The CDC and the world’s scientists have a name for what’s been happening to the global bee population, it’s called “CCD,” or “Colony Collapse Disorder.” Wow, how ironic! Even more so is the cause for the colony collapse. 1. The lack of adult bees in the hive, which protects the hive from invaders. 2. The nonexistence of the Queen bee. 3. Insufficient workforce to maintain the brood that is present. 4. The workforce is made up of too many young adult bees. 5. The colony members are reluctant to consume feed, such as sugar syrup and protein supplements.

courtesy of Wikipedia

courtesy of Wikipedia

This is no joke folks. This bee phenomena is much like our own cities, communities and neighborhoods and very similar to the breakup and breakdown of many families. Think about it! Check out the link to the Wikipedia article about Colony Collapse Disorder and read for yourselves:


Even nature is trying to warn us that our human colony may also soon collapse!  Did you know that without the bee crops, plants and trees will suffer? Bees are a $200 billion dollar per year global business! Did you know that beekeepers rent out their bees to farmers and nurseries?

It has recently been reported that a deadly avian flu virus has infected more than 33 million turkeys, chickens and ducks in more than a dozen states since December of 2014. And this epidemic is still spreading from state to state. Price of eggs? How about the price of chicken and turkeys?

courtesy of www.dangerouscreation.com

courtesy of www.dangerouscreation.com

Oh, and how about the apocalyptic drought in the Western United States? It is reported that some neighbors are actually stealing water from one another! Worried about your lawn? How about agriculture and the price of groceries? Maybe the up and coming summer blockbuster Mad Max Fury Road is more prophetic than action-packed entertainment.

Yet, as long as we have our goodies and gadgets, we will sell our liberty and freedoms for comfort and convenience. The world and nature is going to hell in a hand basket and we’re more concerned whether to buy an Apple or Samsung smart phone. God help us!

“For when they say, “Peace and safety!” then sudden destruction comes upon them, as labor pains upon a pregnant woman. And they shall not escape.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:3 (NKJV)

It’s not the fault of unbelievers, nor the fault of secularist for the condition of our Nation, but the fault of every believer who has sold their birthright as a Light Bearer and Salt Preserver for the warm stew of carnality.

Nothing short of the Church repenting and turning back to God and away from worldliness will this Nation’s disaster be averted. God has removed his blessing of this Great Nation because His people have removed God and His whole counsel from their homes, churches and businesses.

It is not because the unrighteous practice unrighteousness, but because the righteous practice sin that God’s judgment is upon us!

Inasmuch as the “race card” is ruining race relations, so also is the “love card,” ruining the image of the One True and Living God and the impact of His eternal Truth and Salvation. The “love card” depicts a benevolent god that requires no urgency to obey and no consequence for sin. This trend is synonymous with the Nicolaitans of the early Church.

The Nicolaitans were one of the heretical sects that plagued the churches at Ephesus and at Pergamum, according to Revelation 2:6, 15. The Nicolaitans taught that God is permissive, merciful, or tolerant of sin. As people subscribed to their teaching, they became subdued and conquered by this double standard lifestyle.

The first part of the name “Nicos” in Greek, means to conquer or to subdue, and the second part of this name “laitans” in Greek, means laos, or people. This heretical group’s teachings were conquering and subduing God’s people away from His Truth and making a mockery of His Grace. The love card has created a similar environment as the teachings of the Nicolaitans, and so many people have been duped into living double lives of sin for grace, and then falling into the loving arms of a “love god.” Is God love? Absolutely! But God’s love does not trump or nullify his other attributes, and this is where a great deal of Christianity has fallen into error.

The influence of Christianity has not been stolen, but given away. Its message has been diluted and cultural influence weakened. We have exchanged our place of an expanding Kingdom with the Gospel Mandate for a 501-(3) (C) status, and so the Church has become an apologist for Statism and has abrogated its moral authority to bureaucrats! (Statism: the belief in the primacy of the State over the rights of the individual).

Pay attention and check your oil, as the days are growing darker, and if you have no oil in your lamps, its total darkness forever!

Read Matthew 25: 1-13 for more important details.

Thomas Koester

Copperopolis, CA

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5 Comments to “Writer asks Is anyone paying attention?”

  1. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    Careful steps are required if society expects a brighter future. Progressiveness is needed in order to change, but there is a fine line. Drawing that line is one complicated task for society. Those that attempt to do so are vilified.

    • Thomas Koester says:

      Yes, you are correct, regarding the fine line. To a certain extent, “societal evolution” is needed in order for there to be a future for the next generation. However, the current progressive path is not the progress that we needed, or perhaps expected. We are experiencing a rapid societal devolution, even though we are in a technological age of instant knowledge and global communications. Those in control of governments, judicial systems, education, publication and transportation sets the agenda for progressive thought and ideology.

      The current condition of society is the fruit and evidence of the progressive thought and ideology of our time, as it has been in position of influence for the past 80 or so years. The condition of our current culture may be an unintended consequence or it may be by design.

      Interestingly, during the mid to late 1800s there was a tremendous explosion of philosophical thought and ideology. Darwinism, Marxism, humanism, pre-millennialism, dispensationalism, and Dewey’s Philosophy, to name a few came instantly onto the scene. It took about 80 years for these new philosophical thoughts and ideas to work their way into our societies and become mainstream. And now, with the passing of an additional 80 year cycle, we have devolved and not progressed.

      And yes, I am aware of many people calling the condition of our society as “progress,” however, I do not share their optimism.

      Philosophies, not carefully scrutinized and evaluated for their cause and effect can create havoc on cultures and societies. If unchecked, it takes approximately two generations (80 years) to manifest its true purpose. Our cities, towns and schools have been the “petri dish,” so to speak, and the cultured results are evident for all to see.

      Since it takes a two generation cycle to bring about change, once dangerous philosophies have embedded themselves into the populace and have become mainstream, cultural disintegration is eminent.

      Our Nation is trending towards disaster.

      And this is where I believe we are currently at. The 80 year cycle has been completed, and we are culturally disintegrating. A nation this far gone has never righted itself, as it will take at least two generations to bring about a positive change, and to repair itself from the destructive philosophical pathogens. And so, I wrote the article. My hope is that others will wake up and sound the alarm to avert or prolong the sinking of this great Nation.

      • Xavier says:

        Not only do I agree..I see it as well..thank you for sounding the alarm..and shining and spreading the light. Blessings be with you.

        • Thomas Koester says:

          Thank you Xavier for your kind reply.

          I receive all your blessings, thank you for that. Matter of fact, blessing people and not cursing them is the exact step each of us need to take in order to change the direction of this Nation. The terrible tragedy of Charleston, South Carolina should arouse the best in America, and from the events seen today in Charleston, maybe good will come out of this terrible and despicable act of hate and violence.

          I understand that several families who lost loved ones have already proclaimed forgiveness, and that even a CNN reported on the scene was moved to tears in seeing people worshiping and praising God outside the building.

          God is at work Charleston! Only he can bring about redemption from this chaos. Those who bless, are those who choose to bring peace and not a curse. Those who dare to curse will be those who manifest chaos and hate.

          God’s blessings be with you and your family.

  2. Having read this I thought it was really informative.
    I appreciate you finding the time and energy to put this article together.
    I once again find myself spending way too much time
    both reading and leaving comments. But so what, it was still worthwhile!

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