Watchdog – Black only graduation ceremony in Antioch violates Supreme Court decision


Watchdog LogoBy Barbara Zivica

Brown v. Board of Education was a landmark U.S. Supreme Court case in which the Court declared state laws establishing separate public schools for black and white students to be unconstitutional. Why, therefore, did Pamela Price, a Student Support Counselor at Dallas Ranch Middle School, send out a notification of an Antioch Unified School District 8th grade African-American Promotion Ceremony, held on Friday night, May 29th at the Delta Bay Church of Christ?

Plus, the contact person was Dr. Lamont Francies, a counselor at Black Diamond Middle School, whose AUSD phone number and email address were included in both Price’s notification and a flyer promoting the event.

This, folks is discriminatory. There should only be one ceremony endorsed by the school district for all the graduating middle school students. Period. End of discussion.

If you feel the same way about this as I do, notify the members of the Antioch Unified School District Board of Trustees:

Claire Smith, President – term ends 12/2016 –

Diane Gibson Gray, V.P. – term ends 12/2016 –

Barbara Cowan (married to Richard Asadoorian former trustee of the CCC School Board) – her term also ends 12/2016 –

Walter Ruehlig – term ends 12/2018 –

Debra Vinson – term ends 12/2018 –

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23 Comments to “Watchdog – Black only graduation ceremony in Antioch violates Supreme Court decision”

  1. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    Admit what everyone is afraid to do and say. Us black folks are the most racist people on earth.

    • Karl dietzel says:

      Good morning regi

      I rather would like to read your position on that
      School flyer?

    • Just Heather says:

      Did you really say that? No one should be racist in any form….yet I think politics and media leaves most no choice. After you said that, you are not racist, just real.

    • Erina says:

      I absolutely disagree !!! How can you speak for all african americans, There is not a race on earth that dosen’t have some sort of racist feeling at one time or another, So Antioch church of whoever, what god are you representing ? I know its not my (god) ! So shame on you ! Look in the mirror Your not representing my God, For shame you Have Sinned!!! Ask for forgiveness because you shall need it.

    • Daja says:

      That’s an ignorant statement to make. Black people have been left out of things for centuries, so this to me seemed to be an effort to encourage a group of people who need extra encouragement that they probably wont receive in a class room. While I don’t know the coordinator of this events intentions and recognize the conflict with the supreme court decision and how it is not right to use the school district to represent such an event I do not agree that black people are more racist based off of the simple fact that we were able to be controlled for so many centuries because of the power another race gained from being racist toward us and I feel people have the right to feel the need to attempt to reverse some of the damage that has been done.

      So, I don’t know if you wanted to use this as a platform to come out and say you are racist, but I would like to speak for black people who are not racist and say that we are not racist.

      • Erina says:

        I am absolutely not Racist, My granddaughter is 1/2 African american!! So I want her to be with all the kids not just our race, This generation needs to learn how to get along together!! Not learn that separation is the Key!

  2. Rich says:

    In addition to the salient points brought out in Ms. Zivica’s article, I am also concerned that tax payer monies and associated expenses, including personnel time were spent on an off-school for what appears to be an AUSD approved event. The event sported the AUSD name and associated AUSD school personnel and board personnel. At least one of the email notices was sent on 5/29/15 at 9:06 AM. This particular email notice was sent specifying it was a “correction”, indicating at least one prior notification was sent while at work. The mere use of the district email and telephone system for contact and questions would indicate during bursiness hours.

    Those facts bring up additional questions that must be answered. The first few example questions involve, but are not limited to, the following:

    The use of school district office equipment and supplies; including but not limited to computer equipment, copying machine(s), copying paper etc.

    The use of school district personnel and associated paid time to generate electronic notifications to promote the ceremony.

    The use of the AUSD school district name, email, and telephone system for contact and questions.

    The cost for any ceremony associated time, supplies, etc.

    As indicated, there are many, many more questions that must be addressed.

    For all intents and purposes, this is tax payer money and tax payer time and must be address and answered and punitive actions taken if applicable.

  3. Nancy Fernandez says:

    The insinuation this is supported by AUSD disturbs me.

    As evidenced in Oakland and San Francisco, ethnicities tend to segregate themselves as they are doing here. Is it racist? I don’t know. If they want to throw a graduation party fine, just don’t use the school district and personnel.

    I want to hear from the school district and board members.

    • Reginald Jamal Brown says:

      Is it racist? Hell yeah it is and here is my proof. Re-read the article and flyer but this time replace the word black with white. NOW YOU TELL ME IF IT IS RACIST.

      I am so glad I am Black because all you people think I can do no wrong in today’s age. I can say or do whatever I want and have no fear of repercussions. Lol

      • Nancy Fernandez says:

        You can do and say anything you want RJB because the ACLU isn’t watching you. Everyone else is afraid of the ACLU and runs.

      • Erina says:

        People would not have such a terrible mordacity to do such a thing in this day and age I take total offense to this Black Or white, what about the asians , The Italians want them to have a separate graduation to? Come to the times there’s good and bad in all , quit feeling sorry for ourselves and grow up, were all on this earth together the sooner we realize it the better if we were only all color blind, Life would be easier.

  4. dana says:

    The entitlement mentality keeps racism alive and well!

  5. T Paul says:

    I think it’s hilarious that someone who works at Dallas Ranch Middle School in Antioch cannot spell Antioch. Thanks Antioch public school system.

  6. Know the Facts says:

    Before you start running to the district stating a law has been broken please review the Brown vs Board of Education ruling. Although you believe a law was broken it was not. The Brown vs Board of Education ruling states the following in the field of Education, the doctrine “separate but not equal” has no place. Separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. This was not an educational “facility” it was a ceremony/ event.

    • Erina says:

      if it walks like a duck its a duck!! don’t matter where it was or what they called it ceremony /event ??? Its racist and if that was my child he or she would not have attended.

  7. Steve says:

    At the time this event was first announced at a board meeting the NAACP completely backed it. A spokesperson said it was a start, but the district should be doing more types of events like this.

  8. Andrew says:

    Barbara Zivica,
    I believe the Spreme Court ruling you are referring to is the Brown vs the Board of Education. This is NOT a violation of that ruling. B vs. BOE specifically states
    “In the field of public education , the doctrine is separate but equal has no place. Separate educational “facilities” are inherently unequal.
    This was a event./celebration

  9. tirerdofit says:

    Let’s see what happens if we post a White-American Promotion Ceremony.

  10. Scott says:

    AUSD also has African American honor roll each quarter. African American students only need a 2.0 to get an award. I know it’s supposed to be a positive acknowledgement but the message is “we don’t expect as much from you as we do from other kids”. I think it’s sad. We should hold high academic and behavioral expectations for ALL students. Anything less is a disservice to our students.

  11. Jeff Conway says:

    The biggest crime here is spelling Antioch wrong (spelled Antionch) on the Graduation Announcement from the PRINCIPAL. How can you NOT spell check and check for errors on such a public e-mail from a place that is supposed to TEACH students how to spell correctly? Antioch should be a pretty easy word to spell from anyone that lives or works in Antioch anyway, least of all and EDUCATOR! All I can say is: WOW!

    • Publisher says:

      Mr. Conway,
      Thank you for reading the Herald and taking the time to comment.
      However, I don’t see the misspelling of Antioch on the graduation announcement posted with the article.
      Are you referring to something else?
      Allen Payton, Publisher

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