Will L.A. businessman pass the $1 million mark in supporting Glazer for State Senate?

Dear Editor:

Smashing state spending records, as of today, Los Angeles businessman Bill Bloomfield has now spent $799,597.04 to elect Steve Glazer to the California State Senate.

That includes $195,197.04 since the March 17th election. And it includes $596,000 in the first round of the election plus the maximum $8400 in direct donations to Glazer (including $4,200 from his wife).

Who is Bloomfield? A long-time Republican who made a convenient switch to being a decline-to-state voter when he unsuccessfully ran against LA Democrat Henry Waxman for Congress, Bloomfield has a huge backer of Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger along with President George W. Bush and John McCain. Bloomfield also is an Obamacare critic www.billbloomfield.com/credibility.

This special interest money is on top of the $493,805.02 JobsPAC has spent for Glazer and $223,496.78 from the Charter Schools IE.

What are all these wealthy interests putting their money behind Glazer? Because he doesn’t support increasing the minimum wage? Because he favors tax breaks for millionaires? Because he hasn’t have a word about income inequality on his website or campaign materials?

No one knows for sure. But as Bloomfield’s support of Glazer reaches the million dollar mark, it’s time to begin asking those questions.

Steve Maviglio

Forza Communications


Maviglio represents and is a spokesman for unions in California

4 Comments to “Will L.A. businessman pass the $1 million mark in supporting Glazer for State Senate?”

  1. According to today’s Contra Costa Times Glazier benefited from nearly $600,000 from various interests. Bonilla got $240000 from labor unions (not to mention independent expenditures) and pulled in more than $276,000 from business and corporate interests including health caae, big pharma, oil and gas, development and gambling. The article is entitled PUBLIC LABOR UNIONS SMEAR CAMPAIGN GOES BEYOND THE PALE.

    • Timothy Wang says:

      I agree with you Barbara. You can’t really bash a candidate for getting money for his campaign when the person you endorse is doing the same thing. Seems kind of hypocritical of Mr. Maviglio, and his slander is only giving Ms. Bonilla and the unions a worse rep. I wasn’t really following this race but after reading the relevant articles and some comments, there’s no way i’m voting for Susan. Lies, and Slander don’t get this vote.

  2. Julio says:

    I am all for Mr. Glazer. I have researched Mr. Bloomfield also. I know Mrs. Bonilla pretty well from when she was Supervisor and will not vote for her under any terms.

  3. Weareantioch says:

    Sounds like uncited and hypocritical slander to me. No way i’d vote for Bonilla now.

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