Antioch Police Department to hold first Citizens Academy

Starts July 15th – Applications accepted through April

By Diane Aguinaga, Antioch Police Department

The Antioch Police Department is pleased to announce that we are now accepting applications for our very first Citizens Academy.

The Citizens Academy provides an opportunity for community members to meet the police officers who protect and serve our city. The intent is to educate the community on the duties, training, investigation techniques and situations police officers and other members of the police department may encounter.

Those who attend the academy will be given the opportunity to participate in some of the activities police officers perform as part of their every day duties. Hands on experiences include fingerprinting, defensive tactics, interacting with a K-9 and handler, and riding along with an officer.

Join us for a unique learning experience. The Antioch Police Department Citizens Academy affords “Knowledge through Exposure and Experience.”

Applications will be accepted during the month of April.

– Class space is limited to 20 students.

Classes start July 15th.

Classes are Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays


Minimum age of 18 years old

Resident of Antioch

No felony convictions

No misdemeanor convictions within 1 year of applying

Must commit to attend all 10 sessions

To download the application, click here: Citizens-Academy-App

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4 Comments to “Antioch Police Department to hold first Citizens Academy”

  1. Karl dietzel says:

    i rather would like to see any and all efforts directed
    Torward hiring of officers, code enforcement and cso’s.
    There are 102 positions authorized and funded.
    Measure c and measure o, plus 18% more in property
    Money is available.
    City council needs seriously direct the city manager
    To take action, no more excuses.
    If the people in charge can’t do their job, they need
    To be replaced.

  2. Rich says:

    I have to agree with Karl. Be the current staffing 87, basically the same as October, 2013 or not, we need to hire CSO’s, code enforcement, etc. to augment the sworn officers. We have gone far too long and not even come close to attaining the 102, much less the 22 immediate sworn officers promised by Harper. The City of Antioch has relied far too long on the good-spirit of the residents of Antioch for tens of thousands of volunteer hours. The City of Antioch is supposedly a full service city (albeit 9 months late)and has assumed the title and attitude of being entitled when it comes to volunteerism.

    • Julio says:

      I like your statement “entitled” because this city and some of it’s staff definitely has in the past couple of years taken on that attitude.

  3. Excellent short article, i did read it twice so sorry for that, i’ve passed it on to my associates, so hopefully they should like it
    as well.

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