Local author, business owner, releases book to help non-profits

Carleton Booker's book frontCarleton Booker, owner of East County-based 911 MYNONPROFIT, announced recently that they have successfully released a book to help non-profit organizations, entitled Things You Need To Know About Non-Profit – Making Sense of Non-Profit Status. It’s available now on Amazon and Kindle.

Many people want to serve the community and some of them want to start a non-profit to fulfill their dreams. However, all the paperwork required by the government can be annoying. Plus, people need to know it’s a business and how to run a non-profit like a real business. So, he’s written the book and provides a free ebook report on thecompany’s website www.911mynonprofit.com, plus 50 fund raising ideas, articles and much more.

Booker formed the company to help other non-profit organizations and charities find their way through the IRS application and incorporation process to obtain tax-exempt charity status.

They help their clients with the tedious necessities, and those whose non-profit that has been revoked by the IRS. 911 MYNONPROFIT takes customer satisfaction seriously and their ultimate goal is to earn the trust of their valued customers through consistently exceptional service.

The company is composed of experienced and knowledgeable professionals who have the ability to process more than five to ten applications a week. Their service associates know what works with the IRS. They know the way to fill in the correct details and submit the application properly, to guarantee IRS acceptance.

For those who want to file their application and incorporation for tax-exempt status, 911 MYNONPROFIT is the best choice to rely on, with a proven, 100 percent success rate. They have streamlined the application process to offer affordable, high quality and fast service to all f their customers.

They completely understand that any organization has unique issues and needs that must be immediately addressed accurately and 911 MYNONPROFIT guarantees clients prompt, personal service to ensure their IRS applications are filed successfully.

To learn more, pleasevisitwww.911mynonprofit.com. For inquiries, please contact Carleton Booker at 1-877-865-4445 or email info@911mynonprofit.com.

Carleton Booker

Carleton Booker

About Carleton Booker

Known across America for his passion and real world techniques, Carleton has earned the nick name “Business Intervention Specialist,” as an out-of-the-box thinker, and an independent, sounding board when you want to bring structure and clarity to your business andorganization.

He can help you identify core issues and make the complex simple, and will hold the space for you to create your own solutions.

In addition, as a professional speaker, branding and online marketing expert, and personal development coach, he captivates audiences with his energy, humor, and straight-forward style of motivation. Carleton’s expertise encompasses helping business leaders churches, nonprofits and entrepreneurs create powerful brands and teach them how to market their brand in a crowded marketplace.

As a cutting-edge entrepreneur and marketing guru, Booker doesn’t just talk business, he lives it. He has 20 years experience as a CEO and President of multiple businesses and is now owner of 911 MYNONPROFIT.

Carleton is the author of two other books, including Corporate Credit Makeover, to help business owners establish corporate credit, maintain financial relationships throughout the life of their business, and how to get $50,000 of credit for their business; and Increase Profits Through Incentive Marketing, which includes tips, tactics, techniques and strategies for growing a business through travel incentives, even in the toughest of economies.

Booker believes that we all have a God-given purpose which can be found in our dreams. His motto is A goal is a dream with a deadline.

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