Polling place changes for Tuesday’s election to affect some Antioch residents

Jack London Elementary will now serve Antioch precincts 134 and 136 instead of Quail Lodge

As a precaution to ensure the well-being of both voters and residents of an Antioch retirement facility, Contra Costa Elections officials opted Thursday to relocate a polling station because of an illness outbreak earlier in the week.

The two precincts (Antioch 134 and Antioch 136) originally slated to vote next Tuesday at the Quail Lodge Retirement Community will now cast their ballots at Jack London Elementary School, said Joe Canciamilla, the county’s Registrar of Voters.

It’s in the best interest of all concerned. We want to ensure that voters feel comfortable going to the polls and have a safe haven,” Canciamilla said. “Making the change now gives us ample time to inform everyone.”

Jack London is located at 4550 Country Hills Drive; about a quarter mile from Quail Lodge.

Elections officials found out about the potential health hazard on Wednesday night during a planning meeting, when an election worker pointed out a media report about the outbreak.

Contra Costa Health Services reports that about 30 of the independent living facility’s residents to date became sick with a viral gastrointestinal illness. Test results are pending to determine the cause of the gastrointestinal illness.

Election officials plan to send postcard notices Thursday to about 1,000 registered voters in those two precinct areas. Planning is also underway to coordinate delivery of election supplies to the school.

On Election Day, voters who head to Quail Lodge will see signs directing them to the school.

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