Services to be held Tuesday for victim, Christopher Anthony Monico, in last Monday night’s murder in Antioch

Chris Monico

Christopher Anthony Monico

April 16, 1993 – March 2, 2015

Christopher Anthony Monico (also known as Christopher Anthony Chiquillo) entered into brightness at approximately 11:30pm on Monday, March 2, 2015. Christopher’s parent, Central Americans Ninoska Monico and Walter Chiquillo were blessed with a beautiful son Friday, April 16, 1993, as well as his four older sisters on warm, sunny Friday in San Francisco. Born to a family of San Francisco Mission Natives, to Central American parents that found and built a home in this majestic community, his family, like so many other families, was recently displaced from the home they lived in their entire lives in the heart of the Mission, and forced to move out of the City. The last of five children, he was destined to be a warm, amiable, creative, and heavenly soul. He was always, and forever more, a person, a soul that felt and knew his body; he danced, hugged, consoled, and felt the cumulative and speckled spirits of those and everyone around him. Christopher never ceased to enchant and delight when he performed – a fact not left unnoticed, having been recruited at age 8 by the San Francisco Ballet. His smile, one that could never be forgotten, was in and of itself a bright and burning spot on this Earth meant to heal those in most distress. Christopher was a poet that felt, touched, and healed people in a manner that could never be known through this written format. A good and Godly man, he was fated to feel the depths of humanity from top to bottom, and though he died young, his purpose was ultimately realized.

This is a tremendous loss for Christopher’s family. He is survived by a 4-year-old son, Christopher Jr., loving partner, mother, father, four sisters, six nephews, four nieces, aunts, uncles, countless cousins, friends, and more and more and more. Hearts shattered, his family is seeking to bury Christopher with the love and dignity that he deserves. Many of you were touched by Christopher’s deep emotional sensitivity to what is humanity, and his family is thankful for the abundance of love that has been offered at this time.

Family welcomes donations at ‘Christopher Monico Funeral Funds’

With great sadness and unity,

The Chiquillo-Monico-Zapata Family

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Chris Monico

One Comment to “Services to be held Tuesday for victim, Christopher Anthony Monico, in last Monday night’s murder in Antioch”

  1. Rich says:

    It pains me so, every time I read about another young person taken form this world due to the violence in this city. As I sit here, not knowing this person, I still can’t help but wonder when it will stop.

    God bless Chris, his family and friends. No one should have to have their life ended in such a way and heart goes out to you all. Even more so to Chris Jr.

    Rich Buongiorno

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