McNerney announces federal grant for Highway 4 corridor improvement project

Congressman Jerry McNerney (D, CA-09) announced this past week, that the federal Department of Transportation has awarded the Contra Costa Transportation Authority (CCTA) a $200,000 grant that will allow the agency to begin planning an Integrated Corridor Management (ICM) plan for the SR-4 region.

“CCTA is one of the first recipients of this grant in the country and sets quality of performance standards for other areas in the country. I’m proud to have helped bring home this money for our community,” said Rep. McNerney. 

“The agency will be able to use the grant funding to work with state and city transportation agencies to help ease congestion along the SR-4 corridor and keep drivers and mass transit users up-to-date on any delays or problems.”

Highway 4 ICM represents the integration of technology with highway infrastructure to smooth traffic,” said CCTA Chair Julie Pierce. “The Integrated Corridor Management program is the next evolution of improvements along this busy corridor, and will preserve the mobility benefits gained by the Highway 4 widening and eBART project for decades to come.”

The ICM program promotes the integrated management and operations of the combined transportation system in a defined corridor; that is, all of the participating highway, arterial, rail, transit, traveler information, incident response, and operations teams from local, city, county, and state agencies will operate as one entity in mitigating real-time recurring and nonrecurring congestion. 

ICM will promote joint responses to traffic incidents and other transportation issues, which are quicker and more coordinated than individual agency responses. Travelers can use real-time information to avoid delays by choosing alternate routes, changing their departure time, or choosing a different mode of transportation for that day- all based on up-to-the-minute information that is available via apps, traffic reports and highway information signs.

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