Letter writer says a Bonilla victory will cost taxpayers for another special election

Dear Editor:

While both candidates for the upcoming State Senate special election are very much in alignment on paper and in their votes on the issues, one of the best reasons to vote for Joan Buchanan on March 17th is that if the current Assembly Member Susan Bonilla wins, it will trigger yet another special election, thus costing our great county over one million dollars; money that could well be spent on other programs and services.

The next step is for Assembly Member Susan Bonilla to finish up her just recently elected two-year term and let’s send Joan Buchanan back to Sacramento to continue to protect seniors, make college more affordable, and keep our budgets balanced. It is a win-win.

Ken Richard, Walnut Creek

3 Comments to “Letter writer says a Bonilla victory will cost taxpayers for another special election”

  1. David says:

    Or you could, you know, vote for someone who isn’t bent on spending all our money.

  2. Eric A says:

    I will be voting for Susan Bonilla. Fear tactics never work on me. I hope they don’t work on anyone else.

    • sandra heuer says:

      I have cast my vote for Susan Bonilla and here are a few reasons why.

      1. Susan helped expand job training programs during the recession to help people get back to work.

      2. She truly believes in “no child left behind” and worked with Calworks Programs

      3. Her hard work on the Affordable Care Act insured that many Californians now have health care

      4. Susan’s efforts to pass ground water regulations is an important issue, as we are facing severe drought

      These are just a very few reasons I wanted to support her for State Senate.

      She has the support and endorsements from many people. Professional and grass root alike.

      I support Susan, I respect Susan.

      I hope you will join me, and vote for Susan Bonilla for State Senate.

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