Aiming High is having a positive impact on Antioch residents

Walk down almost any street in Antioch, and it’s very likely that sooner or later you will walk by someone who is an Aiming High graduate. That’s an indication of just how many Antioch residents have benefited from the transformational work of a unique and highly effective Bay Area company called Aiming High Inc.

Aiming High offers an array of workshops, courses, seminars and one-to-one coaching packages for individuals, corporations and civic organizations that Antioch residents have been eager to take advantage of. Antioch’s LaSjeonia Hutchings, for example, said that by participating in Aiming High’s Game Changer workshop she was able to accomplish things that previously had seemed out of reach.

Our curriculum encourages people to re-imagine their lives,” Sylvia High, the company’s founder and principal trainer said. “And as part of that, people can then choose a more fulfilling lifestyle suited to a world they themselves have designed.”

Mrs. High, who recently was a featured panelist on Oprah’s The Life You Want Tour, has more than 20 years experience in the training industry, and Aiming High has been recognized as a leader in high-impact adult and youth learning models.

The Game Changer takes place over the course of two evenings and two days. It is a lively mix of exercises, lectures and demonstrations designed to produce what Mrs. High calls “empowered thinking.” Local real estate broker, Tique Lee Caul, said that the Aiming High trainings helped her diversify her career path. She now does leadership development.

We see ourselves as every client’s possibility partner,” Mrs. High said. “In other words, Aiming High’s expertise is in illuminating the greatest possibility in each client, and then coaching them toward excellence. This is the foundation of every lifestyle change or enhancement.”

She continued: “We ask big questions at Aiming High. And big questions deserve big answers. So our clients, using our breakthrough curriculum, respond by growing their ability to produce outstanding results… in their finances, careers, relationship… you name it.”

Mrs. High is the author of “The Little Book of Big Questions,” and she encourages her clients to use questions as a form of self-introspection. Bill Zupo, an Aiming High client and Antioch resident, said that the technique has proved effective for him in getting to the heart of what matters in goal setting.

In some ways, the Aiming High trainings may even seem a bit mysterious. But, in fact, it is all really simple and straightforward. The way that Mrs. High explains it, the Aiming High trainings allow people to see their “blind spots,” the areas of their lives where there are hidden impediments. Oprah refers to these as “ah-hah” moments. Mrs. High says that it is the “nature of discovery.”

The Game Changer workshop, according to Mr. Zupo, is an ‘exhilarating eye-opener.” He described the Aiming high trainings as energetic, upbeat settings filled with the unexpected, which often makes learning fun. “I loved the music,” he said. “It seems they always played the right song for just the right moment.”

Lynn Ferguson, another graduate and Antioch resident, put it this way: “Sylvia High is one of the most inspirational people I have ever met. What sets her apart from others like her is that she presents possibilities in an actionable way. She doesn’t just offer a bunch of nice ideas. It’s always about taking the actions that will produce the desired results. She’s awesome.”

Aiming High Leadership Program graduates are responsible for initiating a number of community projects in the Bay Area, including a community garden and a teen education and empowerment program. For many Aiming High grads, the goal is to touch, move and inspire their family, friends, and neighbors toward leading the best lives possible as well.

Some heroes are born, and some are made,” Mrs. High said. “But in one way or another we’re all heroes looking for an opportunity to be heroic. Aiming High invites people to be heroic about creating the life they want.”

What a great fit for Antioch.

For more information on Aiming High and The Game Changer workshop, contact Sylvia High at (510) 303-4032, via email at or visit their website at

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