Watchdog – Antioch crime and the affects of Prop 47

Watchdog-LogoBy Barbara Zivica

Although Antioch’s homicide rate went down in 2014 (9 victims vs. 12 in 2013 and 10 in 2012) Antioch residents remain dissatisfied with continuing high crime statistics despite passage of Measure C (the half cent sales tax increase) and Measure O, another recent tax measure, revenues of both which are deposited into the General Fund where legally they can be used for multiple purposes.

One has to wonder if the passage of Prop 47, which made 10,000 felons eligible for early release, eliminated automatic felony prosecution for stealing a gun, and reduced penalties for theft, receiving stolen property and forgery as well as possession of drugs used to facilitate date rape has made the drug and crime situation worse. It’s my opinion that it has.

One thing we know already is that, due to changing felony charges for drug possession and other nonviolent offenses to misdemeanors, fewer drug offenders are choosing drug treatment programs and instead returning to the streets to ply their drug trade. I can point out a few corners in Antioch where the same drug dealers return day after day. Cops just pass on by because making an arrest which will just be reduced to a slap on the wrist is not worth the time or cost of processing, transporting and filing charges with the District Attorney. Can’t say I blame them.

Speaking of our cops, I want to express my appreciation for the fact that they, and department K9’s, too put their life on the line every day to serve and protect all the citizens of Antioch without bias.

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