Antioch Mayor Wade Harper, Councilmembers Wilson, Tiscareno endorse Bonilla for Senate

According to news releases from Assemblywoman Susan Bonilla’s campaign for State Senate, she announced this week, that her campaign in the special election, “has earned the support of Antioch Mayor Wade Harper – a decisive endorsement in one of the largest cities in the 7th State Senate District. Harper’s support adds to the wave of momentum that Democrat Bonilla’s campaign has received from key endorsements over the last two weeks.”

Susan Bonilla is a true leader and an advocate for the working families of Antioch and across our region. While serving as chair of the Education Subcommittee of the Assembly Budget Committee, Susan Bonilla successfully brought over $3.6 million in additional state funding directly to Antioch’s schools,” Antioch Mayor Wade Harper said. “I’m thrilled that Assemblywoman Bonilla has declared her campaign for State Senate and I’m enthusiastically supporting her candidacy.”

Mayor Harper has provided vital leadership for the City of Antioch, helping his city succeed and addressing head-on issues that have long presented challenges for the community,” Bonilla said. “I’m proud to have earned his support and look forward to continuing to work together in Sacramento to support Contra Costa and Alameda communities.”

In addition, Antioch Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Tony Tiscareno added their names to Bonilla’s list of local elected officials and organizations who have endorsed her campaign.

I’m honored to have the support and partnership of Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Tony Tiscareno,” Bonilla said. “Each has made a strong impact to support working families and improve the future of our region.”

Since announcing her campaign for Senate last week, Bonilla has been endorsed by the Contra Costa County Deputy Sheriffs Association, Contra Costa County’s Professional Firefighters, Contra Costa County Supervisor Federal Glover, Pittsburg Mayor Sal Evola, Concord Mayor Tim Grayson, Concord City Treasurer Thomas Wentling, Concord City Councilmembers Dan Helix and Laura Hoffmeister, Danville Mayor Robert Storer, Danville Councilmember Newell Arnerich, and now Antioch Mayor Wade Harper and Councilmembers Monica Wilson and Tony Tiscareno.

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So far the only other announced candidate in the race is Republican Mark Meuser, an attorney who ran unsuccessfully against Senator Mark DeSaulnier for the seat in 2012. The special election is due to DeSaulnier being elected to Congress mid-way through his term. Once he resigns the seat, which is expected to occur in early January, the governor will announce the date of the special election, which is expected to be held next March.

5 Comments to “Antioch Mayor Wade Harper, Councilmembers Wilson, Tiscareno endorse Bonilla for Senate”

  1. Julio says:

    Bonilla thinks Harper has provided “vital leadership in his city”. Well, she just lost my vote. Too bad too because before that statement she had my vote. This article did the job for me.

  2. Karl dietzel says:

    I send her a message on her facebook page.
    She choose not to answer

  3. Dale says:

    That is like being endorsed by our President!!! They all have lot our votes!

  4. Rich says:

    I thought it interesting that the traumatic trio decided to endorse Susan Bonilla. One almost would be suspect at the motivation behind who asked who.

    At either rate, I certainly appreciate this article. That’s another wasted vote that won’t be wasted. Oh, make that 4 votes.

    I will send a letter congratulating her

  5. karl dietzel says:

    so here is a copy/ paste of my message to susan
    i also send 2 follow up message asking for an respond, but she choose not to answer me.
    (great similarities, it’s like our city council…no answers, hoping it will go away)

    copy/ paste

    Wednesday 9:37pm
    Hello Susan
    I am a Antioch resident since 1989. Your proudly post on your page the endorsement you have gotten from our mayor harper. You also mentioning him as a great leader etc etc
    Well I have to tell you that this is exactly the opposite . Under his leadership Antioch has moved into the top 10 most
    dangerous cities, high unemployment, no economic grow, missing infrastructure , businesses are leaving the city by the bus load, a recall is in the making. In very short. Harper is NOT a leader , and has no accomplishments what’s so ever. He is full of rhetoric , unfulfilled promises , he is not addressing urgent problems, he likes to hide.
    I can’t see any benefits for you, by connecting yourself and your courier to wade harper.

    I wish you luck


    Karl dietzel

    Cell: 925-642-2191

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