Belle’s wife writes to defend Jeff, says he ran because he cares

Dear Editor:

Price of Caring. My name is Carmen Belle.  My husband, Jeff Belle, is a candidate for the County Board of Education, District 5 (Pittsburg, Antioch and parts of Brentwood and Discovery Bay).  The Times recently printed an article based on mostly malicious, untrue or unjustly sensationalize information, from Jeff’s ex-wife.  In the article, the Times reporter did not  disclose that he had gotten the information from Jeff’s ex-wife through Jeff’s opponent Cynthia Ruehlig; he also took Ms. Ruehling’s word that my husband had threatened her.  This is not true and is unsupported by any other source.

I knew my husband’s background when we married.  We have worked for six years to pay off his former tax liens, paying them off in December, 2013. Today Jeff has no liens or debts and there are no warrants for his arrest.  We have worked hard to clear his name and live a good life.

My husband is certified and registered as a Respiratory Therapist by the National Board of Respiratory Care.  When he came to California he was working at a V.A. (federal) facility and did not need a California Respiratory Care license but maintained an Oregon Respiratory Care License, as required by federal medical centers.

He then started his company, Respiratory Care Institute, managing and tutoring students on clinical rotations for on-line universities offering respiratory care programs; he was no longer caring for patients. Since he was not involved in patient care, we believe he did not need a state license.  There is no fraud or criminal behavior involved in his behavior.  He has a valid dispute with the California Respiratory Care Licensing Board and we are confident we will win the dispute.  

When Jeff decided to run for the County School Board he had been on the Dallas Ranch PTSA for two years.  He was distressed to see violence in our daughter’s middle school, and the inability of the school’s administration to adequately resolve the violence. Also, the County School Board was missing in action and chose to ignore the escalating culture of violence for both student and teachers.  He chose to run for the County Board of Education out of concern for the safety and education of the children in the County. Jeff has the courage, insight and resolve to make a significance in our educational system, specifically in district five.

When my husband began his campaign we hoped to have a spirited debate with his opponent about the issues of education in California.  We knew there was the possibility his ex-wife would continue with the stalking she has burdened us with for the past 6 years.   She has polluted his reputation with many people in the county as she stalked him via social media.  She finally reached Cynthia Ruehlig and, through her, the Times reporter.

The question I would ask is why would Jeff run, risk humiliation and harassment, for himself and his family, if he did not care so deeply for the children of the county. Why open himself up for scrutiny for a position that pays little, has significant responsibility and a large time and energy commitment if you do not care?

His ultimate reason comes from his background.  An African-American man raised in a small town in the State of Oklahoma. He wants for all children what he had little of as a child and young man: opportunity and the education required to take advantage of that opportunity.  Yes, he has made poor decisions in the past, but has overcome those decisions to be a respected person in our community, serving honorably on several County and City of Antioch Commissions and inspiring many of his former students to attain the highest credentials in Respiratory Care; and inspiring his son, Joseph Belle to earn a Masters degree from Cambridge University. Our daughter Sarah and I are proud of him and we ask only that you give him the opportunity to serve the all the children and parents of Contra Costa County.

To God his glory!

Carmen Zavala-Bell


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  1. Casey says:

    Dear Carmen, Telling people the truth about Jeff is not polluting them with falsehoods. Don’t you think you should discuss the forged check using his mother’s name for $13,000 or the rape you claimed he committed? Also, he owes 3 other wives thousands and thousands of dollars, so “NO” his has not paid his debts. Nor has he ever shown remorse or tried to make amends. How about the medical conferences where he claimed to be an MD or a PhD? I have 5 of these documents IF you would like to see them.

    Again, I don’t care about Jeff …. I care about his victims and there are many, including the famous Hollywood producer whose books, DVDs and money was stolen to the tune of over $4,000 and you knowingly harbored these stolen goods in your home.

    Shall we also, discuss Jeff’s students? Who are now, considering suing him and Independence University?

  2. Julio says:

    Apparently Jeff and his wife think every thing is OK now because they have “found God”. Those are the worse kind of criminals. I’m glad someone is watching out for the victims because there seem to be many.

    • Casey says:

      Thanks for your comments Julio…..I get beaten up a lot over just trying to warn people about him. Then in retaliation, Jeff and Carmen call me names, but I can’t stand by and do nothing.

  3. Reginald Jamal Brown says:

    Jeff Belle is a scary person to have in office.

  4. Casey says:

    According to another wife #3, there are between 8 and 12 children of Jeff’s that have never received any child support…..oh, and you also, told me this same thing….remember for the year that you were calling me. Because you were angry that Jeff had had an affair, while you were paying all the bills. I feel sincerely sorry for you. So please don’t declare suddenly that Jeff is concerned about children. I personally spoke to 2 other wives that claimed he had never sent them any child support.

  5. Missy says:

    I am praying for Jeff Belle and his family. Yes he has ”found God”, and God has forgiven him, but there are still consequences for his past sins. I pray for his wife & family that during all these exposed truths, that God would pour out His mercy and grace upon them.

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