Letter writer says Measure O opponents hide names, faces

Dear Editor:

The financial backers of opposition to Measure O have yet to reveal their names or faces to the people of Antioch. The No on O Coalition has reported receiving contributions of $173,575 as of 10/24/14. The donations have been made by apartment complexes, partnerships, associations, and PACs (Political Action Committees) without revealing the names of the landlords behind the donations.

I have no respect for the out of town landlords and other donors, who did not appear to argue their cases at the several City Council Meetings when Measure O was considered. Instead they sent their lawyers, property managers, and, in one case, a secretary, to plead their cases. Or, they depended on the CAA executive staff and their attorney to make their arguments. They have essentially hidden behind their employees and the CAA to avoid any direct questioning of their motives. Since the hearings, they have hidden behind a small group of Antioch senior citizens they have somehow misled to claim Measure O will harm seniors and is unfair and dishonest. These few seniors appear on mailers and in video clips. I don’t know how they can conscious such abuse of these seniors who were apparently coached to believe and make untrue statements.

They have also hidden behind their Sacramento political consultant, Media Associates, to conduct telephone “surveys” calling Antioch voters to present a series of cleverly worded questions and statements to convince voters to oppose Measure O. Apparently the opponents have recently renewed the telephone campaign as I received such a call yesterday evening from a boiler-room operation located in San Diego. Media Associates also developed signage for the No on O campaign with negative slogans calling Measure O unfair, dishonest, a tax on seniors, and other slogans twisting the truth. Media Associates also has produced a series of slick mailers with similar lies including a particularly offensive one with a cartoon of Pinocchio with an elongated nose engaging in a sexually suggestive act while calling our elected City officials liars and untrustworthy.

We are down to the final few days of the campaign and still do not know the names or faces of the big money backers of the opposition. I urge all concerned citizens of Antioch to jump-in and help get out the yes vote on O! Don’t let nameless faceless fat cat outsiders tell us how to run our City with their dishonest slogans, slick mailers, twisted facts, and outright lies.

Larry L. Harrison

Residents for Fairness – Yes on Measure O

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  1. Larry L. Harrison says:

    In follow-up to my above letter there is also a mysterious No on O Coalition support group called “Antioch Seniors Coalition” (ASC) that has shown us faces and attributed comments of several proported members on the No on O Coalitions mailers, but included no names or addresses to verify they are indeed Antioch residents. Nor was any physical address included for the ASC. The “Residents for Fairness – Yes on Measure O” campaign committee, mostly seniors themselves and long-time Antioch residents, recognize none of the faces on the mailers except for Wayne Cook whom we verified does live in Antioch. But he is not represented to be a member of the ASC.

    I believe, but am yet short on proof, the ASC is fictitious nor-existent organization conjured-up by the No on O Coalition’s consuldtant, Media Associates, to beef-up their phony claims that Measure O will harm seniors.

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