Writer says Antioch needs to pass Measure O to avoid bankruptcy

Dear Editor,

Voting Yes for Measure O is one of the most important things Antioch seniors, homeowners and business owners can do at this moment in time.  This city is on the brink of bankruptcy while thugs and filth try to turn Antioch into another ghetto.

Public records show that the California Apartment Association (CAA) in Sacramento CA along with other out of town groups have contributed over $173,000 to defeat Measure O.  Our group of seniors, the Friday Morning Breakfast Club has raised about $13,680.  It is hard to understand people that have business investments in Antioch demanding they should be exempt from paying for a business license.  The money they contributed to defeat Measure O could have been used towards the business license and the revenue could have gone for city services, paving the way for a safer, cleaner Antioch.

The CAA and their cronies lie when they say Measure O is dishonest.  Please don’t let out of town special interest groups deceive you.  You can go online to “antiochmeasureo.com” and read the facts.  Please vote Yes on Measure O.

Marie Livingston



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