Antioch’s Mayor Harper responds to recall petition

By Allen Payton

On Wednesday, October 22, 2014, within the seven days allowed, Antioch Mayor Wade Harper submitted his 200-word statement in response to the Notice of Intention to Circulate Recall Petition served to him at the Tuesday, October 14 Antioch City Council meeting, and officially submitted on Thursday, October 16 to the City Clerk.

Below is his statement. A copy of the actual response can be viewed by clicking Mayor’s Response to Recall Petition.10-22-14.

Mayor Harper’s Reponse to the Recall Petition

As your Mayor and a retired Police Lieutenant, reducing crime is my top priority. Our families deserve to feel safe, that’s why I led the effort to approve Measure C – so Antioch would have funds to hire more police officers. Our community united and we hired 10 new officers (Officers Mike Perez, Kyle Smith, J.B. Hulleman, Marcos Torres, Kenneth Krein, Scott Duggar, Amel Sachnic, TrakKeo-Vann, Ben Padilla and Matt Allendorph), with 4 more currently in the academy – a total of 14 new crime-fighting officers. The cost of this recall may be up to $198,994.50 which could fund another 2 officers to make our streets safer. Under my leadership, Antioch has secured another $625,000 to hire 5 additional officers. Under my leadership, our Police Department conducts weekly crime suppression operations – one of which resulted in 87 arrests in just a five-day period. Nothing is more important thatn keeping our neighborhoods and children safe. But to achieve that goal, it’s going to take all of us working together. It’s time to end the divisiveness. I respectfully ask the Antioch community to ban together, to reject this recall, so we can continue this fight together.

Wade Harper

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Mayor's Response to Recall Petition.10-22-14
Mayor’s Response to Recall Petition.10-22-14

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