Walter Ruehlig offers an approach for kids who are acting out after school

Dear Editor:

Student, staff and public safety is vital. Start with the parents. Face it, we are going around in circles if we don’t get their support. Reach out by home visits, phone calls, e-mails, evening assemblies.

Then implement a two-pronged approach of serious consequence mixed with serious rehabilitation, One without the other guarantees a revolving door. Yes, meter out the rules, but, being constructive, identify student offenders who are failing (which, I promise you, most of the acting-out kids will be). With parental support, put the kids in a period eight and nine tutoring and credit recovery class. Connect to individual needs: counselors, social workers, psychologists or simply adult mentors.

Now our at-risk kids are no longer out on the streets but raising their academics and getting guidance. Have guest speakers from the community talk on life skills and the consequences of wise and unwise life decisions. If they become repeat offenders, move students away from their buddies to an all-day credit-recovery site. No games or free pass, but tough love and a helping hand.

Walter Ruehlig, Antioch

Ruehlig is a candidate for the Antioch School Board in the November election.

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  1. Walter Ruehling, this is a solid plan. One that would benefit all of Antioch residents. We have to get to the root of the violence, to help all the children, teachers and staff. Not just today, but a life time. The circle of our society needs Walter Ruehling for Antioch School Board!

    We can no longer have sides. I agree we need to help Children that repeatedly do violent acts with what Walter Ruehling has stated he would do and without a doubt, we need to protect the children that respect the school system and want to be high achievers!

    If our violent children don’t get help, they will not be proud, nor will they prosper. They have a higher statistic of being depressed, drugs, dead or in prison. No parent, nor Grandparent’s, want that. Nor does our City of Antioch, California!

    It will be a difficult job, but I know Walter Ruehling is ready!
    It is a win, win for the student, teachers, staff and the Antioch residents!! Peace and prayer to all, Jeanne Stuart-Chilcote

    • Thank you for the kind and generous words……
      We are spinning our wheels if we think that at home suspension/expulsion is the answer and equally going nowhere if we think we can turn a blind eye.

      I am glad that you agree that we have to monitor a small per centage of our kids so that they don’t wreck havoc on the good kid, but at the same time we need to work with them. If we just cast them aside, you are spot on, they will harden into lives in prison or on welfare or drugs or as family abusers.

      Pay mke NOW or pat me LATER with teh problem grwon worse.

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