Professional Address opens in Antioch, partners with City

Professional Address CEO and Founder Joshua Samuel cuts the ribbon as Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Mary Rocha, left, Josh's wife and baby, and Councilman Tony Tiscareno assist.

Professional Address CEO and Founder Joshua Samuel cuts the ribbon as Antioch Mayor Pro Tem Mary Rocha, left, Josh’s wife and baby, and Councilman Tony Tiscareno assist. Photo by Theresa Galusha

A new business has opened in Antioch with great expectations to take the business and education worlds by storm.

Professional Address Inc. (P@) was formed to help enrich the community, improve employment rates, and provide a safe online environment for young people. As a result, City of Antioch officials have partners with the company.

Community and business leaders were on hand when P@ celebrated their grand opening with a business fair, on Thursday, September 18,

The vision of CEO and Founder Joshua Samuel, P@ provides people with a professional online presence that is designed to help them attain success; providing students, parents, schools, and employers with a single, unified platform where they can come together to achieve their common goals.

The leadership team also includes President and COO, Timothy Negrete and Ashley Ondek, Director of Education.

P@ is a state of the art social networking platform that allows their users to present themselves professionally, and communicate in a professional environment. On the P@ website, users can quickly and easily create a professional resume, portfolio, and interview video that they can then send anywhere, electronically. As a site that their users can grow with, people of all ages can benefit from what P@ has to offer.

Students, even as young as elementary school, can have a P@ profile. Their site is controlled and monitored by their parents who make the final determination on what their minor child posts, and what they can access. All students can build portfolios, an archive of their achievements that showcases the inception of their talents.

In high school, students expand on their portfolios, begin building their resume, and start filming interview videos for college and career. Beyond K-12, P@ is a relevant professional tool for adults seeking to gain and/or maintain success in college, career, and life.

So, visit their website at, today to register for your own P@.

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2 Comments to “Professional Address opens in Antioch, partners with City”

  1. Trac Brown says:

    Congrats P@, may God over and abundently bless your new business and all who utilize it.

  2. Gonzo Teacher says:

    Professional Address is doing a big disservice to students. It’s being forced upon at least one school that I know of and, as everyone knows, Linkedin is the industry standard for networking and job seekers. What kind of “network” does this CEO purport to have on his site? Last time I checked, just about every company in the United States had a presence on Linkedin. You heard it here first. This is a scam. Get out!

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