Letter writer wants Antioch Council to revitalize downtown

Dear Editor:

The City of Antioch lacks a thriving economic community. New local businesses are needed in order to attract and satisfy both prospective and existing residents. Considering that our downtown is close to becoming a ghost town, I am particularly passionate about reviving this area.

In August 2006, according to the document entitled “Antioch Rivertown Waterfront Development,” found on the city’s website, our government also shared this same passion: “In order to revitalize downtown, a bold vision must be married with a developmental strategy. We envision the Downtown Village as the heart of town, a vibrant riverfront place to live and shop. Retail tenants, shops, cafes and restaurants will contribute to the goal of making downtown a highly attractive, vibrant destination.”

How exactly is it that this detailed vision for our city from 2006 is so far off from the current reality of our very un-lively downtown in 2014?

As a resident of Antioch and as an avid believer in our city’s potential, I urge our government officials to once again become passionate about restoring and revitalizing our downtown. Determination is needed in order for this vision to be fulfilled.

Taylor Pagan – 19 years old, Diablo Valley College student


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