Antioch’s 10th Annual Celebration of Art Exhibit Opens June 28th

Celebration of Art

The Celebration of Art Exhibit has been held in partnership with the Antioch Historical Society and the Arts & Cultural Foundation of Antioch for the past 9 years. Returning for the 10th year, the free exhibit runs June 28th through July 19th on Wednesdays and Saturdays from 1-4 PM and features the artworks of 35 artists.

Participating artists are: Amy Schmidt, Andre’ Salvador, Augustus Daugherty, Betty Espindola, Beverly C. Turner, Beverly Knight, Carol Jurczak, Cathy McNutt, Clyde Cox, Corrine Evans, Daniel Kennedy, Deborah Debusk, Dianne Solvari, Easy Gonzalez, Fred Hoskins, FROgard Butler, Gloria Cannon, James Waters, Jeannie Wallen, Joel Summerhill, John Nicolini, Josie O’Malley, Julia May Starr, Kay Kirby, Ken Tomlin, Laura DiMaggio, Lisa Salazar, Lori Azzolino, Lucia Segovia, Mauricio Ramirez, Mayette Ignacio, Michelle Ramirez, Paul Schorr, Paul Yang, Robin Mayoff and Shirley DiMercurio.

A free artist reception will be held on June 28th from 2-4 PM. The Antioch Historical Society and the Sports Legends Museums are located at 1500 West 4th Street, in downtown Antioch. For more information visit or call Diane Gibson-Gray at (925) 325-9897.

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Celebration of Art

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