Colangelo for Congress in 9th District

In the Republican Primary race for the 9th Congressional District, which includes about 70% of Antioch, there’s a clear choice.

Steve Colangelo, a long-time businessman in San Joaquin County is the only candidate who appears to be running a serious campaign to unseat incumbent Jerry McNerney.

His opponents include the former County Clerk of Stanislaus County, which isn’t in the district and who whose main claim to fame is that she’s received death threats for running.

The other is retired U.S. Marshall Tony Amador who is currently Chairman of the Republican Party of San Joaquin County.

Instead of fulfilling his role of recruiting and supporting good candidates, he’s running as one. Amador couldn’t even get the support of a majority of the members of his own Central Committee, which says a lot.

The top two candidates move on to the General Election in November. Colangelo should be one of them.

2 Comments to “Colangelo for Congress in 9th District”

  1. Thank you for endorsing the best candidate to challenge McNerney! Colangelo has the support of 3 GOP organizations, Stockton Police Officers Assn, Gun Owners of America, & the Building Industry Assn. He knows how to create jobs & fight crime!

  2. ron says:

    Why do we continue to settle for San Joaquin County candidates? Seriously!! Mary Piepho would be an excellent challenger.

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