East County Muscle offers novice body builders chance to shine, locally this Saturday

By Allen Payton

Local personal trainers, Dion Powell and Santi Lopez are giving East County residents the opportunity to compete in a local bodybuilding, physique, bikini and figure show, known as The Novice.

We’ve been wanting to offer the newby to the sport an opportunity to display the results of their hard work in shaping and sculpting their body in a low-pressure competitive environment – in East County,” Dion said.

The event, to be held this Saturday, April 19, 2014 will feature local competitors in the four categories.

East County has a lot of talent in the fitness community and have represented well at regional, state and national competitions,” he added. “There hasn’t been anything like this out, here – even with all the health clubs in the area. Those who want to haven’t a had a place to display their physiques outside of those clubs. Now they can.”

Plus, we’re hoping it will be another great event for people to look forward to, attend and enjoy, here in East County like the Seafood Festival and Corn Fest. You won’t want to miss it.”

Successful competitors in bodybuilding, themselves, both Dion and Santi train a variety of individuals at all levels of fitness, from the average person who wants to lose weight and tone up to the hardcore athlete who desires to take it to the next level in their chosen sport.

Spots are still available for competitors and sponsorships by local businesses, as well.

The event will be held at Brentwood Veterans Memorial Hall in two sessions, an afternoon pre-judge and an evening finals competition. For more information on or tickets call (925) 446-9632, visit www.facebook.com/EastCountyMuscleInc or email eastcocomuscle@gmail.com.

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