Scott Bergerhouse named principal of Dozier-Libbey Dependent Charter School

Scott Bergerhouse

Scott Bergerhouse, courtesy of the Carmen Dragon Elementary School webpage.

At its regularly scheduled Board of Education Meeting held on April 9, 2014, the Antioch Unified School District appointed Scott Bergerhouse principal of the new Dozier-Libbey Medical High School Dependent Charter School (DLMHS-DCS) scheduled to open in August of 2014.*

In his new role, Mr. Bergerhouse will form a newly established Community Advisory Committee to determine what supports and enhancements will best serve the needs of the students scheduled to attend DLMHS-DCS in the fall. He will also be meeting with student and parent focus groups to begin planning for the opening of the school.

Mr. Bergerhouse is a well-known and well-respected administrator who began his career in the Antioch Unified School District as an English teacher in 1984 at what was then Park Junior High School. Mr. Bergerhouse has since been an administrator at Antioch High School, Antioch Junior High School, Park Middle School, Deer Valley High School and, most recently, Carmen Dragon Elementary. In 2010, Mr. Bergerhouse was named High School Principal of the year by the Association of California School Administrators. For the past seven years, Mr. Bergerhouse has also been selected by administrators in the District to serve as president of Antioch’s Management Association (AMA). Mr. Bergerhouse has a gift for bringing people together around a shared vision and motivating and inspiring staff and students to perform at the highest levels. He is also recognized in the community as an administrator who values the ideas and input of the people and families he serves.

Mr. Bergerhouse is active in the community and serves as president of the Delta Advocacy Foundation alongside distinguished community members such as Nancy Libbey, Nancy Green and Jack Roddy. Delta Advocacy is a charitable foundation that seeks to provide resources and help to families in Antioch and surrounding areas.

Mr. Bergerhouse will be on the Dozier-Libbey Medical High School campus to meet and greet students, staff and parents beginning Thursday, April 10th.

*DLMHS-DCS was approved by the Board of Education on March 19, 2014 to support and enhance the programs currently offered at DLMHS. The status of DLMHS in the 2014-15 school year is currently uncertain due to a petition to convert DLMHS to an independent charter school operated outside of the Antioch Unified School District. The petition is currently before the Contra Costa County Board of Education.

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Scott Bergerhouse

17 Comments to “Scott Bergerhouse named principal of Dozier-Libbey Dependent Charter School”

  1. Are you kidding me says:

    The district promised transparency and community input with their dependent charter. How dare they APPOINT a principal without community input. They also went to the school in the middle of the night and hung a giant banner on the building announcing their dependent charter principal. Talk about confusing the students and parents! Mr. Bergerhouse should NOT be on the DLMHS campus…the school is NOT a dependent charter…the district’s petition does not take effect until next school year…that is IF it is considered legal. So, since the district swears that their dependent charter is NOT a conversion and IS a START UP…how can they just select students to attend? WHAT HAPPENED TO THE PUBLIC LOTTERY THAT ALL PUBLIC START UP CHARTER SCHOOLS ARE SUPPOSED TO CONDUCT??? This is wrong all the way around. Watch out Antioch families…the dictatorship of AUSD is about to descend on your students.

    • Katherine Spahn says:

      I agree with you completely! DL has only been disrespected and slowly crushed by AUSD since it opened, and I’m shocked and fuming upon learning all the changes the district is getting away with. It’s entirely criminal.

  2. Speechless says:

    What is going on here?!! So is this a polite way for the District to replace our current principal and declare defeat?! How disrespectful to Mrs. Castro!! Unbelievable and unacceptable way to treat any teacher or staff member! The AUSD is insane and is taking this to the farthest limits and the community needs to stop these people. I’m sick and tired of reading these retaliation articles from what’s suppose to be our peace of mind and future for our kids AUSD. They are so clueless to the way the community should work and communicate. They lack in respect for our kids and to what is in their best interest. They don’t care to listen to our concerns as parents. They aren’t listening to a word we say and are only concerned about what will benefit them! This is plain evil and with this said, I will do everything in my power to make sure the “Dependent” charter doesn’t make it to see “August”. As for the new principal, I wouldn’t get my hopes up just yet! Stick to the elementary school that is underwater and so badly needs you.

  3. Parent of Dozier Libbey Student says:

    Ausd has promised that their dependent charter will be governed by their own board of education which will comprise of parent involvement. My question is why is the AUSD board of education doing the appointing and hiring? Where is the Dependent Dozier Libbey Board of Directors? I question the legality of this action.
    It is clear that ausd never had any intention to involve anybody in the decision making process. They continue to lie to the public and they actually believe we are too dumb and confused to see for what it is.

    Parents do not sleep wake up to the harsh reality in the direction Dozier is heading. Ausd is already dismantling this school by their first act of dismissing Nancy Castro who has done nothing but provided excellent leadership to Dozier. So the retaliation begins. What is sad is that this is not the best interest of students just their own political game. It is time to support the independent charter so we as parents have a voice and be part of the decision making process!

    I do apologize to Mr . Bergerhause as he is being used as a political pawn of AUSD.

    • Ann O'Nim says:

      Clarification to your post: The dependent charter/district proposal is very clear that Dozier-Libbey will be under the SAME Antioch USD Board as the rest of the schools are now. The only difference: They will have a committee that includes community members and district staff that can reject all of the potentially annoying proposals or anything else they disagree with BEFORE it gets to the board meetings. Another example of how this district works. Read their charter proposal, its back on the district website:

  4. Eric A. says:

    Dozier-Libbey is lucky. I’ve had the pleasure of going to school where Mr. Bergerhouse has worked. He’s a class act.

  5. Dozier parent for the Independent Charter says:

    How do you appoint a Principal at 5 PM on Wednesday, April 9, make a banner to announce that appointment, and hang a sign high up on a school building by 8:30 PM that same night? The District can move this fast when they want to. Too bad they can’t move fast on ensuring the safety of students and teachers at other schools in the District! Antioch Unified, you should be ashamed of yourselves! Wake up citizens of Antioch, this is a sign of things to come! The District has never listened to parent and community input and won’t start now.

  6. Ann O'Nim says:

    1. The district promised transparency and rushed to appoint a new Principal. The current Principal, Nancie Castro, was selected by a committee two years before DLMHS opened! She spent two years planning for what turned out to be a wonderful school.
    2. The current Principal may lose her job or be reassigned. Wake up Antioch. If you do nothing to put pressure on this school board they will get away with it again.
    3. Scott Bergerhouse and Clarence Isadore were appointed as co-principals at Deer Valley by Deborah Sims, former Superintendent and Broad Academy graduate who pushed a “one size fits all” academy. Deborah Sims hired Dr. Gill as a curriculum associate and he replaced her and all ties with the Broad people were severed. Scott Bergerhouse and Clarence Isadore, rumor has it, were never the top choice of the selection committee but she appointed them anyway. Selection committee participants had to sign a confidentiality agreement but word got out anyway. As Deer Valley started to spiral with more problems and complaints they were both replaced. Scott was sent to Carmen Dragon Elementary and Clarence became a Principal in Vallejo.
    4. Scott is a nice person but he will definitely do whatever the Supt. wants him to do. I think you call that being part of the “good old boys network”.
    This post is just my opinion. Parents need to pressure the AUSD school board to reverse their course or risk a recall election! A new board would be better than what we have now.
    Also, send emails of support to the members of the Contra Costa County Board of Education as they are evaluating the DLMHS independent charter petition from the teachers.

  7. Rochelle says:

    Wake up Antioch! Are you fed up yet?? Your school will be next! The school board needs to be recalled, enough is enough. They have proved time and time again how they don’t care about our kids. We cannot stand by and let them do that. Enough is enough. Call, email, scream and shout! Get rid of the AUSD leadership. And how much did another unnecessary and HUGE banner cost us taxpayers? Pressure them to stop this madness. PUT THE PRESSURE ON THEM!! This is absolutely appalling!

    • Wake up Antioch! Are you fed up yet?? Your school will be next! The school board needs to be recalled, enough is enough. They have proved time and time again how they don’t care about our kids. We cannot stand by and let them do that. Enough is enough. Call, email, scream and shout! Get rid of the AUSD leadership. And how much did another unnecessary and HUGE banner cost us taxpayers? Pressure them to stop this madness. PUT THE PRESSURE ON THEM!! This is absolutely appalling!

    • Not only was there a new sign to announce Bergerhouse, ALL the other signs are new with only the date changed. So a total of 9 signs. Wasted money that could be used for our children.

      • Outraged says:

        When the other principals switched schools, none of them was ever welcomed by a
        huge banner at their new school, yet the district had one made for him? Complete and total misuse of funds, not to mention all the other huge banners across the school. Parading him on campus was the last straw. How completely disrespectful and rude to Mrs. Castro. The dozier libbey parents who are also taxpayers and voters will not stand for this kind blantant disrespect and waste of money. I plan on voting out all 5 School Board Members when the time comes. It’s appalling.

  8. bill says:

    They AUSD board sure plays dirty.

    They have played every political trick.

    They should be ashamed of their actions.

  9. Dozier Libbey parent says:

    How disrespectful to parade Mr. Bergerhouse around the school and set him up in an office when Mrs. Castro is still the principal! And the costly banner welcoming him? The only one welcoming him is the District. You could tell by the protective and emotional response the students and teachers had for Mrs. Castro that this vindictive move by the Distict only served to show how shameless and spiteful they are. What about the “Character Counts” that you teach in your schools? I think the District needs to go back to elementary school and relearn them. The board will not receive my vote at re-election time.

  10. Marty Fernandez says:

    This is typical politics in Antioch at the current time. Very unfortunate for all. This does not surprise me at all Mr Harper and the school district are far too cozy and their politics is the same sleazy thing. If my child was to be in a class taught by Mr Harper and I found out he would be home schooled.

    Go Dozier-Libby!! You can do this.

  11. Another Dozier Parent says:

    So done with the school district. Full of bumbling idiots. This is NOT the school I signed up my kids for. I signed up my kids for a school that held high standards. I have a senior graduating this year and she has learned SO much , been put through soo much homework, group projects, her own projects among other things. She knows how that hard work will prepare her for her college career. If AUSD had their way, goodbye DL as we know it. My younger daughter is a sophomore and you can believe I will take her out of this district if this Dependant Charter is approved. By the way they both got in by lottery, not because they’re siblings. Yep, shoulda bought a lotto ticket that day, lol.

    I feel sorry for the 600 elementary students that had their principle ripped from them before the school year is over. Also since I am a parent at DLMHS, no one asked me about a new principle. Isn’t that what the dependant charter was supposed to do? Have parent and community involvement? Psh…

    We all need to support Dozier Libbey Independant Charter. It can only get better.

  12. Real ness says:

    Why did no one tear down the banners? Or take them down? It’s not like you’re hurting anyone. Quit complaining and get to acting. Power to the people. Do it for the people not social media

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