Initiative proposed to make it easier to fire bad teachers in California

Sacramento- StudentsFirst recently filed for an initiative to increase the firing of bad performing teachers in California school districts.

Michelle Rhee founded StudentsFirst that is based in Sacramento, CA. Rhee is married to Sacramento Mayor Kevin Johnson. She is the ex-Washington DC Chancellor for Public Schools (2007-2010).

Rhee came into a broken public education system in Washington DC. Washington DC has one of the top spending per pupil, but had the lowest ratings in its schools. The situation was so dire that parents sent their kids to private schools, if they could afford it. School buildings were not properly maintained.

Rhee enacted basic reform such as easy firing bad performing teachers, principals, and administration. Rhee saved Washington DC taxpayer money by enacting efficiencies in the Washington DC public school system. The process to fire a bad performing teacher, or an administrator takes months, if not years. In the private sector, it occurs fast and at moment’s notice if performance is poor.

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