Antioch girl shows holiday spirit making and delivering Christmas cards to convalescent homes and hospitals

Angelica Rose Dudley

Angelica Rose Dudley displays the cards she delivers to residents in Antioch senior and convalescent homes.

By Linda-Rose Dudley

I thought it would be nice to share a story of a 14 year old girl, Angelica Rose Dudley who is our daughter with a big heart. For three years now, Angelica has joined the volunteers supported by Bank of America in the Hearts for the Holidays where employees, family and friends make Christmas cards from recycled cards and we deliver them to the convalescent homes and/or hospitals in the community, such as Quail Lodge, Cypress Meadows, The Commons at Dallas Ranch, Lone Tree and Antioch Convalescent Hospitals.

Angelica has dedicated many hours over the years making these cards and over time she felt there was something she wanted to change. She wanted to be certain that the cards she hand delivers, going forward will be the cards she has personally made. She set a goal of making 500 cards for 2013 so that she can deliver them, and as she makes her way through, greeting each person with a smile and wishing them happy holidays.

Angelica enjoys the interaction and seeing how happy the residents are to see her. This is a very rewarding experience to be part of this effort and I wanted to take the time to share something positive. We also welcome any recycled Christmas cards for the upcoming years. Happy Holidays! Please contact Linda-Rose Dudley at

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Angelica Rose Dudley

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