Two-man opposition campaign to Measure C

Antioch resident Karl Dietzel holds a No on Measure C campaign sign at the entrance of In-Shape on Lone Tree Way, on Friday morning, October 11.

Antioch resident Karl Dietzel holds a No on Measure C campaign sign at the entrance of In-Shape on Lone Tree Way, on Friday morning, October 11.

By Allen Payton

Antioch residents Karl Dietzel and Fred Hoskins have mounted a grassroots campaign to oppose Measure C, the half-cent sale tax increase measure on Antioch’s November ballot. Dietzel recently held a sign made by Hoskins at the entrance to the In-Shape City health club on Lone Tree way, one morning.

Their effort is juxtaposed to the well-financed yes on Measure C campaign, led by Antioch Mayor Wade Harper, that’s raised over $44,000 as of October 19th and has signs throughout the city, as well as newspaper ads and mailers.

The election is Tuesday, November 5.

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Karl Dietzel with No on C sign

9 Comments to “Two-man opposition campaign to Measure C”

  1. karl says:

    thanks for the post..!
    just for your info.
    that very same day a male “manager” of in-shape, told me , i can’t sit there, this is private property, even is war almost on the dirt and empty property, and he would “wait/ stay there” until i leave. well, after 25 sec. he said he will call the cops, and left. this in-shape “manager” did call the cops, 2 cars showed up about 12 min later. both cops very professional, but admitted that they did not know about the legality, since there were no “private property” signs. a female in-shape “manager” came to the rescue and told us, that in-shape owns the empty land. so to keep the peace i left. (the 2 cops were bigger then me…lol)
    a phone call to the for lease sign companys agent, “brion heron” was not answered or returned.

  2. Voted yes, and it will pass says:

    Its fortunate this will pass. +1 for all who voted for measure C!

  3. karl says:

    dear unknown….
    the issue is NOT if the measure c passes or not, the issues is that our city council and the hired supporter are lying to the good people in antioch. in the case c passes, there will NOT be enough money to hire the promised 22 officers, and code enforcement, and cleaning up 1,000 houses..and..and..and. right now our city is unable to hire what is authorized.!!! it took a bit over 1 years to hire 5 officers. the money will be available in about june. before you can say “we won” (whatever that means) the money will be spend on anything else.

    our city can not be turned around with police!!!!!

    we need better education, jobs, infrastructure, economic grows. down town development, a economic development person (a very aggressive one)
    (three of our council members are former school board members, have you looked lately at the numbers? they have failed our kids, and now they are failing us, more
    a “oversight committee” which has no say? oh wow…

    please quote anybody, give me any number, how crime will be go down…any number.
    like homicide down 60% ?
    robberies down 60% ?
    any number.

    so fare in 2013, crime is down by 22%, off course the c outside of antioch financial supporter do not disclose that. thank god, we have a very honest chief of police, just watch his latest power point presentation.
    sales tax is up, income from property tax is up..and so on.
    (while that has nothing to do with measure c. the fire department announced no closing of fire stations because of a good financial outlook.)

  4. dotherightthing says:

    While in the minority, the points of these posts lend to some common sense thoughts. What is each civic agency doing to deal with life as it is in Antioch?

    As teachers, they get more kids in a class, they don’t get significant respect nor pay, but they keep on trying to meet the needs of each of their students. They care. What entities in our local government put OUT more in this time? So, we are short of policemen. Why don’t I see them??? If there are fewer, why aren’t they putting out more? City workers, maintenance, broken sprinklers in community landscape area went flowing for 5 weeks, down the drain, into my property (possibly ripe for a cave in). Called several times to report. OH well, we are short handed, so we can’t address it. The waste of water was enough to “signal” -“Hey we need to address this”

    You want people to “cough up more revenue” in sales tax. Take a look around, who is making purchases in Antioch? Check the mall out lately in Summersville? Who is there? Maybe Walmart is booming. But I don’t go there. This company is known to taking advantage of its workers. And, the products come from China. How is this for supporting our own people?

    Brentwood has the places where people shop or Concord. Get into reality, City Council people. You gotta take leadership and your noses to the “grindstone” . Determine what policies and procedures you can take beyond your “myopic” visions to enhance Antioch as a community. There doesn’t seem to be anyone on the council that has any forthright thinking. Gary Agopian was a hope. But under the circumstances of health, cannot deliver.

    As a citizen, I am very disappointed with leadership. But somehow, the same people or their cohorts keep getting elected. Go figure!

  5. Marty Fernandez says:

    I applaud the efforts of Fred Hoskins and Karl Deitzel. The council is not telling the truth and when I saw Mr Harper and an off duty police officer putting up more signs yesterday I asked Mr. Harper about lying to the public. He told me the new signs coming next week will tell the whole story. What? Folks they are lying to us by omission. Omitting the facts that this is general fund money and there will not be enough to go around let alone just buy more officers.

    I cannot put up signs in my yard because after a shooting involving one of my vehicles and another neighbors home the neighbors have asked me to become uninvolved. But if I could it would be a no sign.

  6. karl says:

    if harper has the time to put up signs, why isn’t he coming to my neighborhood. sweeps some streets, helps to remove trash and old furniture, or..plays some tennis with the neighborhood kids?

  7. Marty Fernandez says:

    That is not politically correct. It wouldn’t help him become supervisor or an assemblyman.

  8. Reginald Brown says:


    The Mayor is performing the tactic he used during his election. Fill the public with a bunch of lies about “zero tolerance for crime” then at that last minute bombard them with mailers and flyers about how he is a retired law enforcement to push the envelope further.

    He strategy is to keep us in the dark then do something in the end to try to push harder. He gets all of his “tactics” from the Consultant hired for his campaign as well as Rocha’s. Keep in mind this Consultant is being paid by US TAX PAYERS!

    Our great Mayor’s strategy is to fool Antioch voters just enough to pass the vote. No ethics, no responsibility, just good ‘ol give me what I want, despite how it’s done.

    How has that “zero tolerance for crime” campaign worked for our safety? All that happened what he got his seat and we were fooled again.

    Do not forget that the criminals in this city have families who are voters. These are votes that our so called “city leaders” depend on to keep their seat. Just look at the majority three, -Harper, Rocha, and Tiscarino.

    • Marty Fernandez says:

      Yes, slick or sleazy are descriptive words that come to mind. Nice letter Mr. Brown. His only interest is to further his career.

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