Letter writer opposes American intervention in Syria


In April of 2011, there were serious negative implications towards citizens of Syria who challenged and protested against the authoritarian like government they lived in. Protesters were killed for their activism by troops, which caused many Syrian citizens to rebel and fight for their basic social rights. Ultimately, the controversy resulted in a civil war between these two parties who feuded over a style of government. Recently, there have been claims that Syrian officials have been using chemical weapons against their own citizens. The Obama administration felt that these acts by al-Assad were inhumane and that the United States needed to set a degree of limitation in the current civil war in the Middle East. Al-Assad’s regime has tested the supposed consequences of the Obama administration and will not back down to United States authority. Now, the United States is faced in a dilemma on whether a war on Syria should be declared.

According to the article titled “Syria Death Toll: More than 110,000 Dead In Conflict” by the Huffington Post in September 2013, “The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the toll since the beginning of the 29-month uprising now stands at 110,371 people, with at least 40,146 civilians killed including nearly 4,000 women and more than 5,800 children.” The United States is trying to promote global peace and enforce their power as world police, but wouldn’t a war just add more violence to both Syrian citizens and American troops? According to October 2013 statistic on AntiWar.com, there have been 32,021 American soldiers that have been wounded from the Iraq War. The United States needs to learn from its mistakes.

The national interests of the United States are to not invade Syria. Avoiding intervention will help save the lives of Syrians, as well as American troops. While the United States has made a red line that should not be crossed, it is not worth the unfortunate effects of war. Policy makers and government officials of the United States need to make nonintervention in Syria as a way to promote global peace, not to start another war.

Karan Arora


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  1. karl says:

    we have absolutely no business down there. period.

  2. Kenji Freitas says:

    I agree with Karl. Throwing money and troops to the Middle Eastern countries that hate us and burn our flag is a total waste. Let’s take care of ourselves. We send way too much money overseas.

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