Gov. Brown signs Frazier’s fifth bill into law, to streamline bicycle transportation

AB 417 Will Significantly Improve Bicycle Transportation in Cities and Counties

Sacramento, CA – Today Governor Jerry Brown signed into law Assembly Bill 417 authored by Assemblymember Jim Frazier (D – Oakley) that streamlines the CEQA process for bicycle transportation plans. “AB 417 is a common sense approach to a much needed change,” said Frazier.

AB 417 will provide a narrow exemption for bicycle transportation plans in urbanized areas and will ensure public participation and address traffic and safety impacts.

“This bill corrects the unanticipated consequences of CEQA,” said Dave Snyder from the California Bicycle Coalition, “and will allow cities to calm their traffic, install bicycle lanes, and improve bike parking and signage without enduring millions of dollars in expense and incurring years of delay.”

Biking has become a common mode of transportation for the daily commuter and is a proactive way for the public to effectively reduce greenhouse gas emission and improve personal health. These streamlined plans will significantly improve biking conditions and expand transportation networks in cities and counties.

Transportation is my number one priority,” said Frazier. “AB 417 is just a start to what I hope to accomplish for transportation projects in California because a quality transportation network is essential to economic growth.”

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