Contra Costa County Fairgrounds offers evacuation center for animals from Mt. Diablo fire

Due to the mandatory evacuation of homes caused by the fire burning near Mt. Diablo State Park in Contra Costa County, the Contra Costa County Fairgrounds has been set up as an evacuation center for horses, cattle, hogs, sheep, and goats.

The Fairgrounds are open and equipped to handle large and small livestock brought to the Fairgrounds throughout the night. The barns and pens have been set up, and water is available for the animals. Buckets have been donated by Home Depot of Brentwood, Lone Tree.

Animals are expected to arrive within the next few hours, and the Fairgrounds will continue to receive and house the livestock as long as needed. Residents with livestock who are impacted by the Mt. Diablo fire in the event of an evacuation, or need to remove livestock to a safer location, are encouraged to utilize the Fairgrounds.

For further information about bringing your livestock to the Fairgrounds, please call the Fairgrounds Office at (925) 757-4400. For updated fire information and evacuation updates, contact the Contra Costa County Sheriff’s Department at (925) 335-1500.

One Comment to “Contra Costa County Fairgrounds offers evacuation center for animals from Mt. Diablo fire”

  1. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    Antioch welcomes animals from all species…

    This city serves as an evacuation center for all thugs, rapists, druggies, dealers, child molesters, and the like for the entire Contra Costa County. Just look around next time your in Antioch. Take notice of the demographics that ruin this city and use up all of our city resources like police services, code enforcement, city cleanup and the like.

    Remember City Council loves the way our city has been regressing. Harper, Rocha, and Tiscarino voted down the Landlord Rental Fee Ordinance, yet they have the audacity to raise taxes when they could have collected millions to fund the needed resources through the Rental Fee Ordinance


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