Antioch man arrested for domestic violence, resisting arrest and possession of a stolen gun, on Tuesday, victim also arrested

Rakeem Rucks

Rakeem Rucks

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By Sergeant Morefield, Antioch, Police Investigations Bureau

On Tuesday, July 30, 2013 at approximately 11:59 AM, Antioch police officers responded to a report of a male assaulting a female in the downtown area. As officers arrived on scene, the male subject (later identified as 32-year-old Antioch resident, Rakeem Rucks) fled on foot, while the female victim, also an Antioch resident, remained on scene but was uncooperative and wouldn’t identify her attacker. Antioch officers chased Rucks to a residence in the 400 block of F Street where Rucks violently resisted officers and then forced his way into the home. The residence was surrounded by police and attempts were made to call Rucks out of the home with no response. The original victim to the assault showed up at that scene and interfered with the police officers there and was ultimately arrested.

With no response from inside the F Street residence, officers made entry (deploying two light/sound diversionary devices) and cleared the home. A loaded, stolen firearm was found in the home, but Rucks was not located inside. It was determined that he likely fled out of the back before police could completely surround the residence.

Rucks was found several hours later by police after summoning medical assistance for injuries sustained while he tried to evade police. Rucks was taken into custody after treatment at a local hospital and then sent to the Martinez Detention Facility. This case is currently being looked at by the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office for criminal filing.

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Rakeem Rucks

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  1. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    Yawn, so what else is new? Stuff like this happens in Antioch like the sun rises every day.

    As long as Harper, Rocha, and Tiscarino can keep our home values low, all scumbags from Contra Costa Contay can continue to live here. Section 8 does have a cap, since the Government will not pay $3,000 in rental assistance.

    Imagine what would happen if our property values increase so the cost of living rises here. All hell would break loose because the criminal scum bags can’t afford to live here. They would have to relocate too.. dare I say it?.. Richmond and Oakland! The major birthplace for these typical ghetto bastards.

    That is why there is no section 8 in Moraga, Lafayette, or Orinda. It’s too expensive.

    Cheap is where the scum bags flock to. Keep Antioch cheap and we will contain all the section 8 and ghetto bastards here. The three stooges, Harper, Rocha and Tiscarino are doin an excellent job of doing that.


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