Antioch 2013 Coastal Cleanup this Saturday, September 21

The 29th Annual California Coastal Cleanup Day, the state’s largest volunteer event, will take place on Saturday, September 21st, 2013. The event is expected to draw more than 70,000 volunteers who will combat marine debris at over 800 locations throughout the state by removing the trash that has accumulated on California’s beaches and inland shorelines over the past year. Get out there, join the effort in Antioch. Last year, over 100 participants volunteered There are three locations to choose from: Antioch Marina, Prewett Park & Fulton Shipyard. Select your location when you complete your registration (see link below). Last  year over 100 participants came together to clean along the Delta and create awareness of why trash  so damaging to our aquatic and coastal areas.

Coastal Cleanup Day provides  a way for tens of thousands of Californians to remove trash from our environments, but also reinforces that each of us, as consumers of goods and producers of those goods, has a responsibility to reduce, prevent, and clean up marine debris. For more information, and to register to volunteer, visit or email  or call Diane Gibson-Gray at (925) 325-9897 or Julie Haas-Wajdowicz at (925) 779-7097.

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One Comment to “Antioch 2013 Coastal Cleanup this Saturday, September 21”

  1. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    How about cleaning up the 94531 area? Mokelumne and Dallas Ranch area have weeds and garbage that have taken over the landscaping.

    It’s funny how the Sycamore area and its plaza have more maintenenace done compared to the upscale neighborhoods in Antioch.

    Great job Harper! You’re the best Mayor this planet has ever had. You should run for President of the planet. Just pull your shady tactics that won you the last election and you will do fine.


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