Writer opposes Antioch sales tax increase ballot measure

Dear Editor:

I have turned in the following argument against the proposed sales tax increase measure for the November election 2013.

Argument against the Sales Tax increase

Vote NO on increasing Antioch sales tax beyond the current levels.

The tax dollar would NOT be dedicated to police services and public safety, the number one priority among citizens, but go to the general fund. The sitting council has failed to produce any solutions to Antioch’s crime problem. There is NO plan from our Mayor Harper, Councilman Agopian, and Council woman Rocha, even all three run their re-election campaign in 2012, “tough on crime” Our sitting council had not offered any public discussion, nor produced a plan, how and where the anticipated money will be spend. The City needs to buy locally, and award contracts to local businesses. We need to have open discussions about budget reviews, pension reforms, and reducing the City’s business permit process. We need to conduct independent audit‘s, and a “Workload Study” of our police department. We need to be “brutally honest” if we want to stop our “crime emergency” (Agopian) A created “Crime Sub-Commission”, (Nov/Dec, 2012) has never met. If that measure passes, it does NOT create a steady flow of money, it’s depend on the economy and spending ability/ location of Antioch residents, on top of it, the proposed sales tax increase is eliminated in 7 years. On July 30, 2013, our Chief of Police announced a dramatic, double digest, crime drop for the first 6 month of 2013. We cannot afford to paralyze our businesses with higher taxes, and drive customers to shop in neighboring cities. Antioch residents cannot afford to pay higher taxes.

Vote NO on this tax increase. It is NOT a solution.

Karl Dietzel


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  1. Christopher Grisham says:

    City Council could have received millions of dollars a year to help code enforcement and police efforts by
    allowing us to vote on the landlord rental license ordinance.

    Unfortunately, they were defeated by a frivolous rental management company instead of listening to the
    citizens of Antioch. I guess whatever “back door contribution” Harper Rocha and Tiscarino received was
    enough to shut out the citizens.

    These three stooges are the biggest joke to Antioch. Wait till
    you see what they have in store for us in the next 3 years!

    City Council has their hands out asking for more money from us despite not doing their job
    to improve our quality of life. They need to get fired.


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