Writer offers two ways to reduce crime in Antioch, will boycott businesses until then

Dear Editor:

Recent news stories make it perfectly clear: it is not safe to conduct business in Antioch. Doesn’t matter who allowed all the rotten people into town – they’re here. So, now what?

I recommend: 1. Concealed Carry Permits for all qualifying residents. 2. Armed guards posted in front of all businesses.

According to city-data.com, there are 150 registered sex offenders in town. With all due respect to law enforcement, officers cannot be everywhere, all the time. Furthermore, continually raising taxes to hire more police will only serve to drive away law-abiding citizens. That is not what you want.

Until the City of Antioch allow its citizens permits to carry and posts guards at all businesses, I will shop elsewhere; I will encourage all my fellow Antioch residents to do the same.

Anne Ray


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  1. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    That’s not a bad idea. I see Antioch becoming the next Detroit. Bankruptcy here we come!

    Remember, the City Council is doing an excellent job of their priorities:

    1) Make fools of the Antioch homeowners by devaluing their properties

    2) Move as many of the rapists, drug dealers, murderers, pimps, prostitutes, and the like in Contra Costa to Antioch

    3) Have the Antioch residents pay higher taxes to keep the said scum bags in quarantine to Antioch so that only they prosper in this city

    I do all my shopping elsewhere already. Paying higher taxes here only enables the idiots that run this city.

    If you think that incident about that black person that kidnapped and sexually assaulted a lady at the Kmart parking lot is bad, wait till you see what Harper, Rocha and Tiscarino has in store in the next 3 years.

  2. Jim Marchetti says:

    I agree with #1 for sure. #2 would be costly, and of course, the city council has no hand in that decision… As Christopher outlined, Antioch is on the fast track to total disaster.

    I think if #1 actually moved forward and 1,000’s of residents got their permits, and, then it makes the news A LOT, then I think that would send a strong signal to the punks and thugs and other undesireables.

    Chances of that happening? ZERO percent unless you fit one of the 6 or 7 “classes” that sometimes get their permits approved.

    It’s a terrible mess and there is no fast solution, but I would be super happy and excited to see SOME movement by the city council. But, they’re busy with other very important things like taxing us more and more…

  3. Kenji Freitas says:

    Wow, and I thought that 99.9999999% of the people in Antioch were anti-gun. I would like to see CCW permits as well, but be aware, it is not the city that is preventing it, it is politics at the county level. We need to stop election liberal politicians that are anti-gun and pro-criminal. Remember that at the next election, it is very easy to move the voting pen to the other box.

    • Christopher Grisham says:

      I agree about voting in the right person(s) to run our city but Harper and Rocha were very cunning

      Harper used his skin color to get voters And so called “zero tolerance for crime” BS campaign. While Rocha played on the emotions of the thugs and criminal families to gain votes for a Pro-criminal politician.

  4. JadeMarie says:

    I agree with both. However, CCW permits are done by the county and its not just them making it difficult to get one. It’s the entire state tryn to walk all over our 2nd Amendment rights. Making it so the people who abide by the law can’t carry weapons to protect themselves. Yet, even though they can keep the law abiding citizens from having a weapon, that’s not going to stop the law breaking citizens from having one… Haven’t they realized that yet??? And to top that with the reconstruction of the detention and rehabilitation department convicts are getting out with serving less time and being put on probation/parole which, I know that the Contra Costa County Probation and Parole departments are over worked. Prime example: Jaycee Duggard. Need I say more?
    If anyone is offended or disagrees with what I have to say I’m just stating how I feel and what I see happening to our city and county.

  5. Seth says:

    Our business is in Antioch and we were robbed this week. The Antioch police didn’t even bother to show up to investigate. While we can appreciate that others are just as disturbed by the crime in our city, to penalize the businesses that remain in Antioch by boycotting them is kind of like victimizing them twice. Like many businesses in Antioch, we’ve invested in security and thankfully it helped to limit our losses, but if the APD won’t even send someone to take a police report, dust for fingerprints or share info on similar crimes so that we can identify patterns, then of course it’s going to continue to happen. If you want to change things, you need to demand more accountability from the APD and from you local city council. Lets start by investigating crimes that happen instead of posting armed guards at every location. Keep shopping Antioch and supporting your local businesses, believe me the crime will get a lot worse, if companies start to leave because residents refuse to shop here.

  6. Nancy Fernandez says:

    We do not need armed guards at every business. How much do you think that will cost a business to provide? Most businesses do not make enough money to support the families that own them.

    People need to research the people who are running for office and talk to others about them. A thinking person can see right through Mr. Harper, Mrs. Rocha and Mr. Tiscerino. Tiscerino’s appointment was strictly political pay back and hopefully he won’t run.

    The new names for election in the fall are starting to pop up. Pay attention folks. AND think about the 1/2 cent sales tax very carefully. It can be used for any thing in this bankrupt city. Anyone can say they will use it for police but the city needs a whole bucket of other stuff.

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