Man killed by Antioch police on Tuesday, identified as Vallejo resident

By Capt. Leonard Orman, Antioch Police Support Services Division

Antioch police identified the man whom they shot and killed on Tuesday, as 24-year-old Vallejo resident Korey Marcel Germaine.

Officers responded to the report of a firearm being brandished by a male matching Germaine’s description in a Mercedes. Officers located the suspect vehicle with Germaine driving. They attempted to affect a traffic stop. Germaine fled from the officers and a vehicle pursuit ensued. During the pursuit, one police vehicle was struck by Germaine as well as a civilian vehicle. Germaine eventually lost control of his car and it came to rest in the dirt near the intersections of Hillcrest Ave and Wildflower Dr.

Germaine fled from the vehicle while holding a handgun. Several officers chased him. During the foot chase he pointed the handgun at officers and was shot several times. He was pronounced dead at the scene. No officers were injured during this incident. The Critical Incident Protocol was invoked and this case is being investigated by the Antioch Police Department, the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s Office and the CCC Crime Lab.

According to a 2010 article in the Vallejo Times-Herald, Germaine was arrested on September 14, that year, for “suspicion of possessing a concealed loaded gun” and was “also suspected of loitering and illegal drug activity.”

According to other online information, a misdemeanor bench warrant was issued for Germaine on February 28, 2013 for driving without a license with bail set at $10,000, then another misdemeanor bench warrant was issued on July 15, 2013 also for driving without a license with bail set at $15,000.

Allen Payton contributed to this report.

21 Comments to “Man killed by Antioch police on Tuesday, identified as Vallejo resident”

  1. Kenji Freitas says:

    Why do criminals from surrounding cities seem to flock to Antioch? We need to make this city unfriendly to criminals.

  2. Dale Paris says:

    I agree Kenji. We do need to make Antioch unfriendly to criminals. It starts at city hall.
    We need to demand our civil rights to self defense. The city can order the Chief of Police to issue concealed carry permits.
    The mayor needs to be told that he WILL NOT get any support from any law abiding citizen of Antioch until he removes his name, and the name of Antioch from the anti civil rights groups Mayors Against Illegal Guns. It has been proven that group supports criminals and terrorist, and wants to ban all LEGAL guns.
    Wade Harper refuses to answer WHY he has refused to remove himself from this group.

  3. karl says:

    well, here is my solution. we should not tell the criminals it takes 12 min to come.. the message should be, we come and get you no matter what and how if you break the law in antioch. period.

  4. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    The reason why criminals flock here is because they are the cousins, brothers, sister’s baby’s mama of the criminals that live here.

    I’ll bet the one that got shot has 4-5 cousins and 10-12 kids on child support he has never paid. I bet he was visiting one of his “baby’s mamas” when he was in Antioch.


  5. hoboroadie says:

    Yeah, pass a city ordinance that folks cannot have their thug friends come here to visit, and then we have the police patrol the borders, like Glendale.

  6. Prop187_Im_Law says:

    A perfect ending to another animal on the streets. Kudos to Antioch P.D. for doing a great job and not wounding this scum. If only all the chases could end like this, there would be no more chases or a lot less criminals on the street.

    • johns says:

      [Expletive] u and antioch pd how the [expletive] u gone call somebody an animal…u didnt know my n#gga u didnt know what kind of person he was…dont be disrespecting my family

      • jerm707 says:

        really f***n idiot speakin bad on slow name not even knowin ma n**** .f*** anyone who has the same mindset as the marks/idiots they will never understand what people like corey went through but karma comes back to these white people when there daughters or kids are murdered its karma for the disrespect they throw at other people on a regular basis. i laugh the same way the same way they laugh at corey losing his life. life is ma mcgrue n**** slow.r.i.p slow

  7. Christopher Malik Grisham says:

    In my opinion, let’s just face it…

    The three stooges, Harper, Rocha, and Tiscarino are PRO-criminal politicians. They love criminals and will continue to tolerate moving them to Antioch. The homeowners, tax payers, and law abiding citizens will support their “rehabilitation” in Antioch through tax dollars. And guess what? The three stooges are asking for more money by increasing taxes to fund the section 8, criminals, and the like because they need more hand outs.

    Shaniqua and De’Marqius’kelones needs a bigger house for their 8th child so pay up.


    • Publisher says:

      While you’re free to write pretty much any comments you want on our website, it would be good if you would get familiar with the facts and not be racist when posting them. In addition, while those against whom you’ve made allegations are also free to defend themselves, I find it necessary to correct the record.

      First, the city council members have no control over Section 8, a federally funded program which is administered by the County Housing Authority, which is separate from the Contra Costa County government, but whose board is made up of members of the County Board of Supervisors.

      Second, the Section 8 rules have recently changed, thanks to the efforts of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce Government Affairs/Economic Development Committee, including Councilman Gary Agopian, working with the Housing Authority staff. For example, it used to be that each child had to have their own bedroom, now there can be two children per bedroom. So a family with four children that used to have to live in a 5-bedroom house can now live in a 3-bedroom house.

      Third, the council doesn’t “move” criminals to Antioch. They either mover here on their own, return here after being released from prison or jail because this is where they lived at the time of their crime or where their relatives have moved while they were serving their sentence.

      Fourth, it is the county that has the responsibility for the rehab, job training, etc. of those who are coming/returning to Antioch from jail or prison. The council, earlier this year, voted to postpone the approval and location of transitional housing and services for 45-days so they could study the impacts before allowing them to go forward. Here’s the link to the article about that –

      Finally, the sales tax increase measure on the November ballot is about funding additional police, Community Service Officers and Neighborhood Improvement Services. None of the three council members you listed were on the council at the time the expensive, unaffordable, 6-year contract with the police was approved, in 1997. While I preferred to see a landlord fee/tax on the ballot instead or in addition to the sales tax increase, we’ll see what the voters decide in November.

      In the meantime, what needs to happen is for the council to present a proposed spending plan for the additional funds that will be generated should the tax pass.

      Allen Payton

      • karl says:

        hello allen,

        while on one hand you are saying, this is a federal program and no local gov agency has a say in this, you also say, there were some changes and our council man agopian had his hands in it. how does that works. do we (locals) have a say in it or not?

        2/3 of the houses in my street are rentals now,(3/2 houses) which had 2 adults and 2 kids living there in the past, now they can have 2 adults and 4 kids living there.? yea..thanks a lot agopian.

        • Publisher says:

          I didn’t say “no local agency has a say in this.” I said the City Council has no say in it.
          Councilman Agopian, as a member of the Antioch Chamber of Commerce’s Economic Development/Government Affairs Committee was able to get the Director of the County Housing Authority, which oversees the Section 8 program in our county, to make changes to the program. That was after many meetings, and much input from the committee members, especially Chamber Exec Sean Wright and Committee Chairman Terry Ramus. Plus, it’s my understanding rules have changed at the federal level, as well.
          The point is, if a Section 8 renter had 4 children, they had to live in a 5-bedroom house, in the past. That meant they had to live in one of the newer homes in Antioch, which people were complaining about and didn’t think it was fair. Now they can live in a 3-bedroom house/condo/townhouse, with two children per room.
          Feel free to ask Sean, Terry or Gary what other changes were implemented in the program, recently.

          • karl says:

            thanks allen,

            what i am hearing/ learning is, that cities/ counties do have an input and changes can be made, if cities/ counties want to….

            my concern here is, that with that change even more people are being housed in areas which are already “overrun”. now sec 8 can’t live in so called “better” areas, and are being moved into “overpopulated rental areas. ? i guess what we need is some kind of limitation of rentals, per ml2?

  8. karl says:

    unfortunately i don’t now how to copy/ past the “impartial analysis of measure c” by our city lawyer, so i have to re-type.

    council has failed to produce any plan how the proposed sales tax money will be spend.
    council has failed to look for any solutions, there were zero discussion about solutions, just plain..let’s raise taxes.
    council is continuously miss spending our tax money.
    just last fall council reversed their not even 6 month old vote on going back from 3/55 to 3/50. this vote included also 21 other none safety city employees at a cost of $ 3,000,000 plus.!!!
    it’s a fact that one city department with about 120 employees is holding our city of 104,000 financially hostage. if we ever want to have more safety employees, there has to be some serious cuts in one department, so, we have more money for all the other needs our city has.
    we need to put all cards on the table and search for solutions.
    raising taxes is NOT a solution.

    a fact is, it will go into the general found. you know much better then i do, that there are no legal obligation for council to spend money on safety. the money can and will be spend on anything council pleases. that’s exactly why council did NOT choose a 2/3 vote measure.
    the proposed “oversight committee” is also a big hoax, since the members have no say, whatsoever, they will be appointed by the mayor, and confirmed by the council. lol

    ” Impartial analysis of measure c by the antioch city attorney”

    General Revenue for All City Services

    The revenue would be deposited in the City’s general found. It could be used for any legal municipal purpose including: police and emergency response; code enforcement; local economic development and job creation; street repair; and any other City program and services”

  9. johns says:

    [expletive] antioch pd they didnt have to shoot my n#gga that many times he aint point no gun at them..they just lying to save their a–es…R.I.P SLO

    • Publisher says:

      Were you an eyewitness to what happened, that day in Antioch? I seriously doubt it.
      Because I spoke to one witness, last night – whom I’ve known for years – who was in a car on Hillcrest at the time of the chase and shooting. He pulled his car over and said he saw the man who was shot and killed by police, who was driving the Mercedes, was running from police – in front of the witnesses’ car – and the man was pointing his gun and shooting at the police, before he was shot.
      Also, please keep your comments clean.
      Thank you.
      Allen Payton, Publisher

      • johns says:

        Everybody else should be keeping their comments clean also my cousin is dead but they dont have to glorify the sh#t…thats not right what if it was the other way around they wouldnt want nobody talking bad about their families…they would be trying to defend their family members too….R.I.P SLO GONE BUT NEVER FORGOTTEN

  10. Beverly Rodgers says:

    Apparently the redundant stories of Antioch Police Officers shaking in there boots, and in fear of their lives hasn’t changed in the 23 months since they executed my son! How many more to follow? Interesting how the coroners’ office wasn’t even notified of Josh Peterson’s DEATH, until 8 long hours AFTER he was shot to death! I know that to be factual, because we FINALLY received a report in JANUARY 2013! Date of incident? October24, 2011! Lots of questions! and the Capt. Leonard, previously mentioned? Informs us, as the decedent s parents? Are not entitled to any kind of police report, as WE are not victim’s of ANY crime? By the way! Aren’t the PD officer’s supposed to have cameras rolling on their person @ all times? Just wondering!

  11. JOHN says:

    F#*# the police…long live SLO

  12. foety says:

    P.I.P Korey G

  13. Ethyl Hokett says:

    You have great information listed here.

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