Letter writer shares official argument against Antioch sales tax increase ballot measure


The following is our Argument AGAINST the Antioch Sales Tax Measure set for voting on November 5, 2013.  We ask that your readers consider the facts and information we’ve submitted before they vote.

Vote “NO” on increasing your Sales Tax to 9 cents on the $1 for all taxable items purchased.  The State just raised gasoline taxes by 3.5 cents more per gallon!  Antioch’s proposed tax increase also affects jobs and businesses (it’ll drive customers elsewhere)!  More taxes doesn’t mean better decisions.  It’ll benefit those favoring its passage and those receiving increased raises, benefits, and extremely generous pensions!  Pay more, get less!

Antioch’s Police salaries, retirement pay, and benefits have significantly increased again, making the public pay more!  Some employees’ outrageous estimated salaries’ and benefits’ costs; City Manager $350,000; Chief $330,000; Lts. $285,000; Sgts. $240,000; Corporals $200,000; Officers $180,000.

APOA always vigorously insisted on pay and benefit increases for themselves, not more manpower!  Police recently received 9% in wage increases (and 4% more effective on 9/1/13), more guaranteed yearly increases, costly multi year contracts, keeping their costly “3% at 50” pension package.  The public gets far less, some with no retirement at all.  It’s shameful!

This General Fund tax can be used however any Council majority (3) wants!  They haven’t listened to you before!  You alone are the best “Oversight” on how your money’s spent, not their Appointees!

They’re again using scare tactics to just tax you more!  You shouldn’t pay for their uncontrolled overspending and mismanagement!  The Council majorities caused this, not you!

Property values are continuing to increase and as adjustments are made the City will receive more tax revenue!  This tax increase is unnecessary!  We have continuing increases in costs for utilities, sewer, groceries, medical, and unemployment!  Antioch’s already raised water, garbage rates, business fees, etc.  Enough already!

Increasing existing taxes isn’t the solution!  City officials must do more to cut costs!  Stop overspending, and definitely cut back excessive salaries and benefits for those overcompensated employees.

Vote “NO”


by – Ralph A. Hernandez, Chairperson,

and former Antioch City Council Member

Antioch, Ca. 94509

#(925) 565-9659

3 Comments to “Letter writer shares official argument against Antioch sales tax increase ballot measure”

  1. karl says:

    hello ralph,
    thanks for your ballot measure argument against measure c.
    i know there were 2 more, i hope we will see them to.
    i don’t know this web site visitor statistics, but hope a lot of people reading here.
    we cannot tax our way out of the city’s spending problems. and you are right. we need to put blame at the right people..the city council, our elected so called leaders.

  2. Kenji Freitas says:

    I agree also, but the first thing the people supporting the tax increase will say is, “do you have a plan”? Well, we can do several things that other cities have done, such as increase the fines for illegal dumping within the city limits, increase the fine for having drugs in drug free zones, and increase fines for code enforcement issues (that alone will raise millions of dollars). Also, look into dissolving the city agreements with labor unions, they are unsustainable in this economy.

  3. karl says:

    you got it right to the point.
    at the last council meeting agopian and tiscarino reported back that they had done a ride a long, and talked to some people who supported the sales tax, but only “if there is a plan how to spend it, and only if it goes towards safety”
    i doubt those two (and the others) did get the message at all.

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