Seacret offers natural skin care from the Dead Sea and income opportunity

seacretYour skin is important.  I think that is understating it a bit. . . YOUR SKIN IS IMPORTANT!  Yes, that important.  Not only is it the largest organ our bodies have, but we also have to live within our skin our entire lives.  So, we need to take care of it, right?  But with all of the options, treatments, trends, and SO many steps, it’s very easy to just not deal with our skin at all.  We at Seacret want you to be excited about your skin!  We want to take the guess work out of caring for it, and make it not just EASY to take care of your skin, but something you’ll forward to everyday.  

The global skin care and cosmetics industry grosses over $114 billion a year.  Today, men and women of all ages are looking for safe and natural ways to protect and revitalize their skin.  Seacret, brings to you the most advanced formulation and integration of one of nature’s true gifts to us, the Dead Sea.  The Dead Sea has attracted visitors for more than 5,000 years including King Solomon, King David, Queen Sheba and Cleopatra, all of who recognized this body of water as a source of healing and beauty.  As the lowest point on Earth at more than 1,300 feet below sea level, it’s the world’s most saline body of water and provides some of the most concentrated, natural mineral salts and mineral-rich mud.  The Dead Sea’s minerals have been used for centuries to achieve the look of younger, more beautiful skin and the founders of the company wanted to bring these rejuvenating powers to American consumers.

Seacret presents a complete line of products to rejuvenate your body, face and soul for all skin types and ages.  We have more than 45 products on the market, plus 20 more in development.  We have formulated and designed our products to be the most demonstrable in the industry, clinically proven to deliver immediate results in 15 minutes; while continuing to benefit from the long-lasting effects of our advanced treatments.  We appropriately call this the “Wow Factor,” because “Wow!” seems to be the first word people say when trying our products.

seacret-salons productsSeacret has product approvals and a distribution footprint in over 40 countries on six continents. Not only are we the most recognized and advanced Dead Sea brand in the world, we are also the ONLY company whose products are manufactured by the world’s largest and most respected cosmetics company. We hold three registered patents and four additional patents pending.  Our Age-Defying Collection  contains unique peptides that stimulate your skin’s ability to produce more collagen, while reducing and relaxing the fine lines caused by expressions.  Recover is the name we have given to our anti-aging technology, a patented technology that instantly reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles while providing long-term results.  Clinical studies for our Recover formula have been conducted in the best labs in the world, with one of the most advanced laboratories for pharmaceutical product testing.  These studies show an immediate (2 hours or less) decrease in wrinkle depth of up to 44%, and a 50% decrease after 28 days of use.


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