Antioch Police Chief responds to two homicides and criminal activity in last 24 hours

From Antioch Police Facebook page

Over the past 24 hours the Antioch Police Department has been responding tirelessly to criminal activity occurring in our community. What the public needs to know is that we will continue to respond, using all of our available resources to reduce crime. This response to criminal activity will include proactive enforcement details on an overtime basis when resources allow. We will continue to work with other local enforcement agencies to maximize our efforts.

I also feel it is important for our community to understand that your Police Department, working with the Human Resources Department, has stream-lined our hiring process so that we are fast-tracking Lateral Police Officer applicants to bring them on to our force as quickly as possible. In addition, our continuous hiring model allows us to test large groups of entry level applicants with an applicant pool testing this month of 125 individuals. My reason for providing this information is to ensure the citizens of this community that we are doing everything possible to get our officer workforce to the 102 positions authorized. Increasing staffing in order to reduce crime is one of our highest priorities.

When funding allows, and our authorized positions increase, I will use those additional officers to focus on crime that is affecting us all. Those crimes are to include gang violence, drug enforcement, burglary suppression, aggravated assault, as well as vice enforcement.

The men and women of the Antioch Police Department thank you for your continued support.
Chief Allan Cantando

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