Letter writer shares information on Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Dear Editor

This Sunday marks the 21st anniversary of “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome,” a silly name the CDC gave two doctors up in Lake Tahoe back in the 80’s, when 10 – 20% of the town of Incline Village became ill with the “flu” that has lasted now nearly 30 years. I know, I am one of those people lucky enough to still be alive to contact you (please see below).

Three decades later… yet no treatment, diagnostic marker; nor cure!

Please help us bring insight into our cause! An estimated 4 million Americans suffer every second, of every day… alone! Over 21 million worldwide!

The rest of the world however has other names: Natural Killer Cell Syndrome, Myalgic Encephalomyelitis: My-muscle, Algic-pain, Encephalo-brain,Myel-spinal cord & Itis-inflammation, etc… Then, we have Gulf War Illness and Lyme Disease too! It’s a big weekend for so many of us and our families that have done nothing to deserve living in hell.

Really appreciate you taking the time to view this!

Laura A Snow (Slatten)
Livermore, CA


Imagine a pain so severe that nothing is of comfort.
Unable to sleep; as bones dive through your skin,
with every toss & turn.

Imagine waking up, not being able to walk.
So tired; you’re unable to speak, nor comprehend.
Everything hurts!

Imagine no one believes!
Relying on your own ability from one moment to
the next, is no longer your option.

Imagine having the flu for twenty years.
Enjoying life’s pleasures only once or twice a year;
when you are able to fake it!

Imagine a life robbed; each day gets dimmer.
Days turn to night. And, the fog like the Bay sets in –
never clearing the way…

Imagine a world where there is no one around, but you…
in your bed with only your thoughts & memories;
of who you once were.

Imagine your only joy in life is an occasional phone call,
or the UPS man stopping by for a signature.

Imagine taking a shower, and feeling as though you
accomplished a new worlds record. Then, calling it a day.

Imagine a life filled with so much pain; tears just roll down
your face. A life without comfort. A life filled with fear.

Imagine living in your head,
because it’s the only place you can walk to…
besides; you’ll never get lost on your way back.

Imagine watching the world pass by,
without so much as a glance…
Youth turns it’s back; while life passes in the night.

Imagine having to ignore all of this,
so you don’t concern the only ones
that are still left to care. God Bless you!

Imagine being 35,
and still “looking good” so you are told,
but that doesn’t change a thing.

Imagine being ME!
or the millions of others who suffer daily with

How long must we suffer?

Retired in 1996, at the age of 33, as a Designer, Inventor and co-owner of a Publishing company (record & magazine) Still suffers from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome/ME, since 1984. And, remains fully disabled at this time.

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  1. Brett says:

    Great poem, Laura!

    How about putting the poem under an open source license so that others can redistribute it freely? http://creativecommons.org/choose/

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