DV boys volleyball team falls one win shy of NorCal throne

DV goes up for the block in their game against Archbishop Mitty. by Ronald Rivera

DV goes up for the block in their game against Archbishop Mitty. by Ronald Rivera

By Luke Johnson

After dominating the competition all season long, the Deer Valley High School boys’ volleyball team came up short Saturday at Dublin High School for the CIF NorCal Division I regional final against Archbishop Mitty High School.

This was Deer Valley’s most successful season as the team went 42-2 and the deepest into the postseason in school history.

Nationally top ranked basketball recruit Marcus Lee had the most dominating presence on the floor. The 6-foot-10 high-flying senior soared across the court averaging 3.6 kills and a block per set.

Even with Lee’s impressive pedigree the biggest leader for the Wolverines was sophomore Jordan Ewert. Head Coach Lou Panzella believes there is no better sophomore in the state than Ewert.

Without a doubt!” Lee exclaimed when he heard about Panzella’s statement. “He’s a sophomore and he pushes me in practice, and I’m the one that’s supposed to be pushing everybody.”

Ewert averaged 4.8 kills and 1.9 digs per set. The 6-foot-4 sophomore is also one of the most experienced players on the squad despite being an underclassman.

Here is what Ewert had to say about playing with Lee, “When we go to tournaments everyone wants to take pictures with him… He’s not this big scary guy, he’s a nice little teddy bear. He’s funny and I love being around him. I’m gonna miss him next year.”

Following the final whistle Saturday the Wolverines came together to embrace each other in one big huddle. That is when the tears began to shed, and not a single player could hold it in.

The team’s motto is “together forever.”

It is not cliché to say these players have a relationship that goes beyond teammates, but a connection much stronger than that.

This loss is way above basketball’s loss,” Lee said. “These are all of my best friends, this has been pretty much my family.”

Deer Valley Boys 2013 Varsity volleyball team by Ronald Rivera

Deer Valley Boys 2013 Varsity volleyball team. by Ronald Rivera

Lee along with Jeff Brown and Muhammed Ali also took Deer Valley’s basketball team further than it has ever gone before earlier in the school year, before losing in the CIF NorCal Championship as well.

I’m leaving [behind] a legacy of champions,” Lee said. “As long as you work hard, you are going to get somewhere. We are not some random school in Antioch that nobody knows of, but a place where you can be the best that you can be as long as you work.”

Panzella says Lee is the ultimate team player and that he would give up all the glory to help the team win. He emphasizes that when Lee is sitting down during his rotation on the bench that he is always cheering louder than anyone in the gym.

This has been a fabulous season,” Panzella said. “I couldn’t be happier because of this group of players that we have… I’m fortunate that they allow me to come to the games and watch. They make me look smart.”

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