Deer Valley boys basketball team wins again, plays for NorCal championship on Saturday

By Allen Payton

Now, I’m not a sports reporter, but I had the chance to attend the NorCal Semi-Final High School Boys Basketball game on Tuesday night between the hosts Deer Valley Wolverines and the visiting Bellarmine College Prep-San Jose team and had to share what I witnessed.

What a game! It was a close one all four quarters, with just a brief six-point lead by Deer Valley in the fourth.

The gym was full of cheering students, players’ family members, school staff, administrators, school board members and other fans.

The officials made a few bad calls – mostly against the Wolverines, specifically in the lane, that most of us thought should have been offensive fouls. We just figured the official enjoyed doing that dance-looking move with his clinched fists next to his hips. LOL

It was the duo of the 6′ 9” All-American Marcus Lee and his friend since childhood, Kendall Smith who led the team to victory. And it was the final basket by Smith that gave Deer Valley the two-point lead to clinch the 54-52 win – but only after a court-long pass and a desperation 3-point attempt by Bellarmine that almost made it in at the last second. Whew! That was seriously too close for comfort.

It was an exciting game and the best part is Deer Valley won.

They’re making school history – since winning North Coast, last week. The team has never been this far, before.

The Wolverines are ranked 12th in the state and 59th nationally having moved up two spots, just yesterday. They have a league record of 9-1 and an overall record of 26-5. Very impressive.

Now on to the NorCal Championship game against Elk Grove’s Pleasant Grove High, this Saturday at 4:00 p.m. at the Sleep Train Arena – where the Kings play, for now – in Sacramento. If you don’t have plans, go. If you do have plans, cancel them and go. I’ll be there.

If, er I mean WHEN they win on Saturday, the Wolverines will play for the State Championship against the Southern California champs, next week, also at the Arena in Sac.

Go Wolverines!

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