Contra Costa Superior Court proposes changes, seeks public’s input

The Contra Costa County Superior Court has proposed a change in the manner of selecting prospective jurors.  The court invites the public to comment on this proposal.  Comments should be submitted in writing to no later than March 8, 2013. For more information visit

2 Comments to “Contra Costa Superior Court proposes changes, seeks public’s input”

  1. Kevin Cox says:

    The proposed changes make sense and should be adopted.

  2. Michelle says:

    The court system needs to treat the people better who take time out of their day to participate in the process. The Martinez court house should have designated parking structure for jurors. The way that jury people are treated is worse than the criminals on trial and it shouldn’t be that way. You would have more people willing to attend if you didn’t make it so miserable. I work M-F, and have to take a day off to participate. However there are many people who are on welfare or unemployment who could be perfect canadiates. This should be something to look into. Of the people I know who sit on unemployment or welfare…and taking advantage of it, probably would work harder at finding a job if they had to go to the trouble of finding parking or riding bart/bus to the court house. Then be herded like cattle, only to sit around all day waiting for a decision. If it was me, it would lite a fire under me to work harder to find that job. Just sayin!!!

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