Antioch School Kids Learn Street Smarts

Presented by the Antioch Police Department

Antioch students at Belshaw and Carmen Dragon Elementary Schools will get a visit this spring from “Mr. Beeps,” an animated robotic car that makes important traffic safety lessons fun and memorable. Diablo Vista, Jack London, Lone Tree, and Turner Elementary students met Mr. Beeps this past fall.

Mr. Beeps teaches children about proper helmet fit, how to stay safe in busy school drop-off and pick-up zones, traffic symbol recognition, and how to properly and safely cross the street for both signalized and unsignalized intersections.

Also this spring Park Middle School students will participate in a 3-day interactive traffic safety program taught by certified bicycle safety experts and health and safety professionals from the community. Students will learn the 3 Cs of bicycle checks, the nuances of rights/laws of pedestrians vs. bicyclists, emergency stops, and more.

Street Smarts Diablo is a bicycle and pedestrian safety program designed to reduce car trips to schools by providing students and parents with the knowledge and confidence to start walking, biking, and rolling to school safely.

Street Smarts programs are available to all public schools in Antioch. Contact Kerri Heusler for more information:

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