Letter Writer: Back to our roots

If you have driven by Antioch City Park, at 10th and “A” Streets lately, on Saturday around 7:30 a.m., most likely you have noticed a group of men with heads bowed. Rain or shine, 20-40 men of various races and ethnicities, from various denominations, gather around a monument to pray for revival in our city. We are not honoring that monument but what it represents. On July 4, 1851 Antioch was given its biblical name. On the 100th anniversary city leaders erected this plaque:

July 4, Anno Domini, 1951

This city was named 100 years ago for Antioch in Syria where the disciples of Jesus Christ were first called Christians. (Acts 11:26). Today we rededicate ourselves to Him in grateful memory of our founding fathers who envisioned a city and a world under the rule of the spirit of Christ.”

To a man, we believe our only hope for Antioch and our country for that matter, can be found in the words on that plaque. So why is “Men praying together” so vital? Recent headlines in Washington Times:

Fathers disappear from households in America. Big increase in single mothers.”

As men we believe that strong families benefit everyone in the community. When men humble themselves before God, that is the beginning of revival. We draw on Him for our source of strength. We will not stop praying for our city. Join us.

Mike Pollard



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  1. I only found out about this group in November of last year, and have not missed a Saturday since. As President of “East Contra Costa County Men of God,” which was founded in hopes of developing a network of men’s ministries in this community, this group of men are exactly what was envisioned when we started.

    If you are a man after God’s own heart, you need to come out some Saturday and meet other men who share that belief. God is looking for His soldiers to prepare this world for His return. I urge you to come out and be blessed. Sharpen your iron with other men that on the same accord.

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