Tired of Bidding Wars and Multiple Offers? Try a New Home

By Patrick McCarran, Prudential California Realty

With new home construction going strong again, you can avoid the bidding wars in the resale market. Although you may not think it is necessary to involve a real estate professional in a transaction where a buyer can deal directly with a builder. Think again!

The builder’s agent is representing the builder’s best interest. As your buyer’s agent a Realtor can guide you along the right path, smooth the rough places and help ensure you make a decision you can live with (and in) for many years. As your agent, the Realtor is representing your best interests.

Just as a real estate professional calls on experience and knowledge of an area to help buyers locate re-sale homes in a community, the same applies to guiding buyers interested in newly built homes to developments and communities that match their wants and needs. Your agent can suggest builders based on their reputation for delivering a high-quality product, responding quickly to issues, and being financially sound. Your agent may be familiar with how a builder prices his products and where there may be room to negotiate price or upgrades.

Your agent can assist you as you face hundreds of design choices and consider which upgrades provide the best value in terms of resale and whether to upgrade from an outside vendor. The upgrades, or options available, will vary from builder to builder and the choices you make will depend on personal decisions. Often a buyer can pay far less after the home is built by contracting with a third party but price is not always the only consideration you need to consider the convenience, cosmetic ramifications and if it is even feasible to perform after the home is built.

REMEMBER the builder will require your agent to accompany you on your first visit to the site. So let them shop with you, it is not an inconvenience to them it is there job.

By now, you should be convinced of a real estate professional’s value as you search for and purchase a newly built home. Still, here’s one more great reason to work with an agent—the builder pays the agent’s commission. You enjoy individual attention and support at NO cost to you. What a great way to start life in a new home!

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