Simonsen takes Oath of Office as Antioch’s new City Clerk

Outgoing City Clerk Denise Skaggs administers the Oath of Office to new Antioch City Clerk Arne Simonsen, as his parents Otis and Betty Simonsen hold his grandfather’s Bible.

By Allen Payton, Publisher

Newly elected Antioch City Clerk returned from Scotland, this week and was sworn in on Thursday, December 13 in the City Council Chambers by outgoing Clerk Denise Skaggs, before a small group of family, friends and supporters.

His parents Otis and Betty Simonsen held his grandfather’s Bible upon which he took the oath.

Before taking his oath, Simonsen joked “I just hope the Mayor won’t call me Madame Clerk.”

Following the brief ceremony, Simonsen offered treats from Scotland to those in attendance. One humorous moment occurred when he was questioned whether it was appropriate for an elected official to give out “Flake” chocolate candy bars. (They’re made by Cadbury and are tasty). Former Mayor Don Freitas, who was in attendance, said “It only matters if you eat one.”

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  1. Jim Marchetti says:

    SO glad to see Arne with his hand on the Bible. Great man, serving a great city. Thanks for running Arne!!!

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