Political Thinking Points For 2012

The Way I See It

By Lou Davis

Many Americans may consider the election being held this year as the most important in our lifetime.

This is especially true now, with general elections being held which will determine many aspects of our futures. Nothing is more important when we vote than considering two of our country’s founding principles, both contained in our US Constitution: Freedom of Speech and Freedom of Religion.

Most seriously threatened of these Constitutional freedoms is the one regarding religion, threatened in the so-called affordable health care law, known as Obamacare. Christian religions, in an issue most identified by the Catholic Church, refuse to pay for health care which includes abortion and its related services. This question would force Christians to violate one of its chief religious principles, one that the Obama Administration completely overlooked.

Although President Obama says that Obamacare would not demand abortion services be paid for by the church, the law would still move forward with other aspects of the bill which would threaten Catholic hospitals, and other medical institutions. Also, just consider these facts:

It is still not clear who is to benefit when the much-needed health care reform is finally in place. There may not be a death panel set up -yet- but seniors and people with pre-existing health conditions are still not out of the woods, and are not being guaranteed anything by either political party.

Billions of dollars have already been spent or set aside for Obamacare, and the law is not even fully implemented yet. And despite more “hope and change,” the economy continues to worsen in several other areas:

The price of gasoline appears to be around the $4 and $5 mark for good, unless the country is allowed to explore its own resources, which would cut down on the Americans who are killed fighting over Middle Eastern oil.

Unemployment seems to be stuck above the 7% mark for good. And, no matter how many terrorist actions we witness, the Obama Administration seems to be afraid to call it terrorism.

Perhaps, we are not an official Christian country, but why is it that too many of us, who are so-called leaders in this country, especially the left-wing media report violations of other faiths, but when crosses are burned or other Christian relics are desecrated, the same people say nothing.

National Defense, Social Security, Immigration are still big issues still to be settled.

And, do we have something brewing in Benghazi, Libya that could make the Nixon Watergate cover-up scandal look like a children’s tea party? There is still much to come on this issue. Look for names in the future to help settle this question like; President Barack Obama, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, and UN Ambassador Susan Rice.

One thing is for sure: 2013 will be a very interesting year!

2 Comments to “Political Thinking Points For 2012”

  1. Nick Gonzalez says:

    You say we must consider both Speech and Religion when we vote. What problem is there with Speech? Do you consider Money as Free Speech?
    As to Religion, we only need to protect ourselves against Religion. Christians are always trying to force their views on everyone.What happened to the Golden Rule?
    The reason for the Establishment Clause in our Constitution was to protect everyone from Religion. Jefferson, called it “Tyranny of the Majority”.
    Religious people say “Marriage is for one Man and one Woman.” Fine,but don’t force this on those that have different views.
    This applies to so many aspects of our lives, such as Abortion, Homosexuality, Creationism, etc.
    By the way, what happened to your $4 & $5, gasoline?
    Happy Thanksgiving.

  2. dotherightthing says:


    I suggest that you really research why healthcare access for all americans is the most Christian policy to have in the US. Please stop just listening to one side and produce commentary that is helpful and thought provoking than your regular “right wing rhetoric”.

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