Letter writers support Enholm’s idea of a new, larger college campus near Antioch

Dear Editor,

As residents of Brentwood, we support the proposal of a 110-acre community college campus at Laurel Road between Antioch and Oakley. The college district’s current proposal of a small, 17-acre campus at the southernmost end of Brentwood in a gated-resort/retirement community, i.e. Trilogy, does not permit for future expansion and is poorly located.

We strongly favor a 110-acre/Laurel campus because it is much better suited for students and residents of Brentwood as well as for students of East Contra Costa County (www.citizensforbrentwood.com).

We also strongly support electing Professor Greg Enholm as the College Board’s Ward 5 Trustee on November 6th because he has pledged to work to make a 110-acre/Laurel campus a reality (Go to Facebook page “Far East County Deserves a 110-acre Community College”).

A 110-acre/Laurel college campus will also address another important issue: eBART. Ultimately, we want full BART not eBART for Far East County. We propose that there be an eBART station at the 110-acre/Laurel campus with a parking garage that can be utilized for students as well as eBART patrons so that students/patrons and their vehicles can be protected by College District police. BART police will not be present at eBART stations. Eventually, we will petition BART (and our local elected officials) to upgrade eBART to full BART prior to extending service through Brentwood.

We also favor small, conveniently-located Park & Ride parking lots throughout Brentwood with a quality shuttle bus to take people to the Laurel Road eBART and/or Pittsburg BART stations.

Yildiz Karaibrahimoglu, Brentwood

Mark Begin and Cong Begin,Brentwood

David Redding and Gloria Redding,Brentwood

Charlene Straub, Brentwood

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